Success for ‘Let’s stop polluting!’ of Bper, cut 12 tons of CO2

It ended successfully ‘Let’s stop polluting!’, the sustainable mobility initiative launched in June 2021 by B for Bank, with the support of the platform Wecity, in order to reduce their CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The initiative involved 800 employees, distributed in the various branches of the Group, who for three months went to work by bicycle, on foot or by scooter for a total of 73,709 km traveled, equivalent to over 20,822 home-office journeys, thus reducing about 12 tons of CO2, equal to the result produced by over 400 adult trees in their photosynthesis work in one year.

For each trip, the Wecity app has in fact calculated the CO2 saved (1 kg every 7 kilometers traveled approximately) and created a ranking based on this value. The initial goal was to reduce the bank’s CO2 emissions by at least 10 tonnes. The birth of the ‘Bosco Bper‘on Treedom, the online e-commerce platform that allows anyone to plant trees in different countries around the world.

The project aimed to promote alternative modes of transport to the use of private motorized vehicles, in order to safeguard the environment and improve people’s health, safety and psychophysical well-being.“, commented Giuseppe Corni, Chief Human Resource Officer of Bper Banca. “At the end of October we rewarded the commitment made by our employees according to what established by the participation regulations and given the excellent result we decided, for the first 50 classified, to plant as many trees that will populate the BPER Wood on the Treedom platform” .

Thanks to Wecity’s proprietary technology, it was possible to monitor the journeys made by employees on their home-work commute, even if carried out with multiple means, and to draw up a ranking both at an individual and regional level. “As you can easily verify in our animation and in the interactive map, the most virtuous region was Emilia Romagna with over .6,000 kg of CO2 saved, followed by Lombardy with over 3,000, Marche with almost 800 and Liguria with over 760” , added Paolo Ferri, CEO of Wecity.

“We are really happy to have contributed to this success of Bper Banca and we hope to be able to stimulate more and more companies and public administrations to change their lifestyles by favoring sustainable means of transport”, concluded Ferri.