Succession 4, live forever. The review of episode 6 of the tv series

As the father of Hamlet, Logan Roy is revealed at the beginning of the sixth episode of season 4 of Succession, directed by the talented Lorene Scafaria (who also allows herself a cameo). But it’s not a spectrum. Much more prosaically, the patriarch manifests himself in a video immersed in the Chroma Key green screen. This is a recorded commercial in which the founder of the Waystar promotes Living+, a new real estate venture. The idea of ​​an assisted community where you live in perpetual company with corporate TV personalities. A place where, thanks to the connection with technological and pharmaceutical companies, it is possible to access therapies to improve and lengthen life. Once again the series draws from reality, just think about Theranos, the biomedical startup founded by Elizabeth Holmes, and centrifuges them with psychoanalysis and Shakespearean tragedy. The result is a more invigorating cocktail than a Long Island, A mixture that captures the viewer and forces him to look in the mirror. Why Successionnet of the huge bank account of the protagonists, talks about the human being, his fragility, his neuroses, his drives, his miseries, his hopes

Live and lay off in Los Angeles

The King without a sword the Earth without a king, said Sir Lancelot in Excalibusr by John Boorman. Logan Orphans-Arthur– Roy, Kendall and Roman continue in an attempt to prevent Lucas Mattson, the Viking ranger who loves walking barefoot even on the asphalt, from acquiring dad’s company. They feel like the knights who did the feat. The dynamic duo hope that thanks to the launch of Living +, Waystar’s share price will rise before the sale, so that the owner of GoJO will be forced to withdraw from the deal. We know in Succession, every negotiation, every contract often results in a coitus interruptus. After all, men make plans and the gods laugh. But the crown can prove to be as deadly as a garrote and the throne as unbearable as a Nuremberg virgin. Especially if your father was a titan. So. power to Roman is like the giant’s cloak on the dwarf who stole it. The co-CEO, on a trip to Hollywood to revive the fortunes of the blockbuster Calispitron, fires Joy Palmer, the division head of Studios, concerned about the right turn of ATN, because she does not feel taken seriously. Not happy, he also dismisses Gerri with a laconic: ” I need you to believe that I am as good as my father”

Between Top Gun: Mavericks and Elon Musk

The star performer of the 35th episode of the series Succession it is undoubtedly Kendall. On the move in Los Angeles, the second son of the Roy family goes crazy. Flaunting a jacket that refers to Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick complete with the ATN logo on his arm, a disturbing reference to certain fascist iconography, the character played by Jeremy Strong presents living + to investors in a way that refers to the performance of Elon Musk during the takeover of twitter. And basically the whole sequence of the real estate brand launch is an effective and sardonic parody of Apple or Microsoft presentations. It doesn’t matter if Living+ is the dream of bringing the experience of cruising to the mainland or a prison camp for grandpa”. What matters is to believe it. And who wouldn’t want to believe in the possibility of extending their life expectancy and that of their loved ones, in a safe space, in the company of the best in entertainment? The discord works, despite an unhappy Mattson’s twitter that reads “Doderick Match Frei”, or “Doverick sets you free”. The inopportune twitter unites the parks mascot of the Waystar Roco with the terrifying slogan written at the entrance to the concentration camps. But the shitstorm it doesn’t take off and Lucas deletes the tweet. Throughout this Shiw and Tom flirt and play arm-biting. They look like figures from a 1940s noir or a sophisticated comedy. Sometimes even corporate strategies can be sexy. And while Roman, like a good masochist, scourges himself with an artfully edited video in which his father minimizes the size of his sexual organ, Kendal allows himself, in superb solitude, a swim in the ocean, after drawing an “L ” with the foot on the sand. To quote the ending of Ithe Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald: “So we row on, barks against the tide, borne ceaselessly back into the past.”