Such and what show, the news at the last minute: he would have said ‘no’ to the broadcast

Such and as a show, a last-minute news arrives: he would have said ‘no’ to the broadcast.

In the last few weeks they have left the nominations of famous people for the new edition of Tale and what show. There have been many news in this regard. One in particular has stirred the attention of fans. In fact, there has been talk of the participation of the Selassiè princesses, who have recently come out of the house of Big Brother Vip.

Such and what show, the news of the last hour: he would have said ‘no’ to the transmission (Credits: rai play)

Apparently all three could participate as a sole competitor. But there are many names that have started to circulate. It would seem that Carlo Conti is ready to debut with the new edition with a crazy cast. The conductor could rely on many characters that we have recently seen at the GF Vip. However, not all news is good because someone would have said ‘no’ to the broadcast.

Such and what a show, bad news for fans: he would have said ‘no’ to the broadcast

In autumn we will have the opportunity to follow the new seasons of the broadcasts that usually go on air starting from the month of September. Even Tale and what show is about to return with Carlo Conti and with great news. News that start from the names of the candidates who have been around the web in the last few days.

As we have already mentioned, the Selassiè princesses could be in the cast as a sole competitor. But that’s not all, because the instagram page Thepipol_tv has revealed some names of famous people who have supported the candidacy or who are in any case on the list to be able to enter. However, there is bad news, again according to what is reported by the aforementioned page, a much loved character will certainly not be there.

such and what show would say no
Credits: youtube

In the new edition of Tale and what show, apparentlyKatia Ricciarelli will not be present. In the last few days the rumor of his participation had become more and more insistent and it seemed as if it were certainty.

But again, among the names that appear among the nominations there is also that of Alex Belli, also a former competitor of the fifth edition of the GF Vip; the name of Laura Chiatti also appears. Of course at the moment there are rumors and only in the coming weeks we will have more confirmations.