Sud, Romano: “Investments must be combined with a strategic vision”

“Without mending the social system there can be no development”

“If investments are not strategic and coordinated they can also be harmful”, declares Saverio Romano, deputy and vice-president of the Magna Grecia Foundation, on the second day of the fifth edition of “‘SUDeFUTURI’, energies in the south between history and innovation. Resources, obstacles and opportunities”. The international meeting organized by the Magna Grecia Foundation in the nineteenth-century Villa Matarazzo of Santa Maria di Castellabate, represents an important moment of discussion on the possible futures of Southern Italy, sees the participation as a media partnership of the Pubbliemme–Diemmecom–LaC Network–ViaCondotti21 group. , the collaboration of AdnKronos and the Pio Alferano Foundation, the patronage of the Municipalities of Castellabate, Capaccio Paestum and the Cilento National Park.

“Investments must necessarily be combined with a strategic vision – continues Romano – with a development program for the territory and today we are talking about this, how to address the issue of investments now that through the national recovery and resilience plan, through the cohesion this south can really have the resources but if not spent well they become a damage”.

“Without mending the social system there can be no development, we need to get a society back on its feet which unfortunately has degraded over the years. We need to train young people to keep them in the area by encouraging their presence, we need to respond immediately to the housing needs not only of families but also of young people studying, we must provide answers in terms of quality of training. Our task is to invest in training”.