Sudan, “528 dead and 4,599 injured in recent clashes”

This was reported by the Ministry of Health of the country

It rose to 528 the official number of dead in the clashes ongoing since April 15 in Sudan between the regular army and the paramilitary group of the Rapid Support Forces. This was reported by the Sudanese Ministry of Health adding that 4,599 people were injured.

Sudan ”will become a nightmare for the whole world”, worse than Syria and Libya, if the clashes between the regular army and the RSF which broke out on 15 April continue. The alarm comes from former Sudanese prime minister Abdalla Hamdok, describing his country as ”a huge and varied country”. And he explains that what is going on ”is not a war between an army and a small faction of rebels. It’s almost like there are two armies: well trained and well armed. Syria and Libya: wars that have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, created millions of refugees and caused instability in far wider regions.