Sudan, petition for 20-year-old girl who risks stoning for adultery

A petition to save Amal, 20, accused of adultery and sentenced to be stoned in Sudan after an irregular trial. This is the first case in the African country in ten years. The ritual foresees that the condemned person is wrapped in a white sheet and then buried up to her waist, if it is a man, up to her chest, if it is a woman. The young woman is currently locked up in prison waiting for the appeals court to decide her fate. The outrage that the news of her sparked could save her life. The NGO Avaaz launched a petition in which Amal’s name was changed to protect her identity according to the request of her lawyer.

The police reported an illegally obtained confession

The trial took place without a defender, so Amal appealed the verdict and the court could overturn the sentence and save her life. After the separation from her husband, Amal had returned to live with her. She then accuses her of adultery. At the trial, the police reported an illegally obtained confession. In the past, stoning has always been applied to punish adulterers, prostitutes, murderers, but also apostates and homosexuals, especially in some Muslim countries. The tragic rite represents the will of public expiation of the alleged guilt on the part of the condemned, but it is also a “ceremony” that explicitly establishes the right to revenge. Stoning is still practiced in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen. In Iran it was abolished in 2012, but then reintroduced solely for the “crime” of adultery in 2013.