Sudden thunderstorms, at risk even on weekends: the weather

The forecasts until Sunday 28 August

Last weekend of August with sometimes unstable weather: cooler Atlantic air will bring frequent thunderstorms to the North in gradual and partial extension towards the Center-South. As often happens during the summer, thunderstorms will not ruin the entire weekend, but since these are precisely ‘thunderstorms’, they will last at most a few hours with successive showers moving from West to East, then wide and lasting clearings will return everywhere.

The weather will begin to worsen in the North-West with the first locally intense showers in the night between Friday and Saturday: in fact, a perturbed Atlantic front is expected, associated with an area of ​​low pressure on the British Isles, extended from Italy to the Denmark.

The storm line beyond the Alps will be more organized with violent phenomena expected in particular in Germany: on our country the thunderstorms will move during the day of Saturday to the East and to the South, in the afternoon we may have some rain more likely on the Triveneto and between inland Tuscany, Umbria and Marche.

Sunday, in this context of instability, could see the formation of some storms along the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic coasts of the Center-North already during the early hours of the morning, then the greater convective activity, that is the scattered showers, will persist in the areas inland, in the patchy Po Valley and could go as far as Puglia.

Antonio Sanò, Director and Founder of the site, confirms that, as it is a matter of thunderstorms, bright spells will prevail in many areas of the Belpaese and that in any case the showers will help maintain pleasant temperatures for the last weekend of August.

Even a year ago the last weekend of August saw pleasant highs of 32 ° C, but in 2020 the last days of this month were very hot, with 38 ° C in Bari and 35 ° C in Rimini: we can therefore be satisfied, we will not suffer neither the heat nor the heat.

Indeed, the return from holidays will be less nostalgic for millions of Italians if at times the sky is painted gray with some spiteful cloud.


Friday 26. In the North: sunny and warm but with afternoon thunderstorms. Center: cloudy sky with afternoon thunderstorms close to the hills. In the South: slight improvement with some residual downpours, especially in inland areas.

Saturday 27. In the North: scattered thunderstorms, even intense ones. In the Center: thunderstorms coming especially on Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise. In the South: some storms over Puglia and Basilicata.

Sunday 28. In the North: scattered thunderstorms especially in the North-East. In the Center: showers or thunderstorms especially on the Adriatic side. In the South: thunderstorms in Puglia and Basilicata.

Trend. From Monday more sunny weather, probable Atlantic disturbance from mid-week.