Suffering from multiple sclerosis, she gives birth to a baby girl

Medical science and determination. These are the key words of a “miraculous” birth, which took place yesterday in the Gynecology and Obstetrics department of the Arnas Civico in Palermo. A forty-five year old from Trapani with multiple sclerosis gave birth yesterday to little Vittoria, a healthy, robust and full-term baby girl. This is given by Dr. Antonio Maiorana, gynecologist and director of the department where the little girl was born. “We can define this birth as an event. The over 40 mother, with a very important pathology, such as multiple sclerosis, not only did not give up, but she managed to naturally give birth to a 3620 gram baby girl, who is in excellent health”, she says. “The birth of little Vittoria”, continues doctor Maiorana speaking to the magazine ‘A tutto mamma’, “is a glimpse of hope. Today, motherhood is a possible goal even for those suffering from significant chronic pathologies. Caution, reliance on doctors and a multidisciplinary approach are needed. My patient was monitored constantly during the nine months, with extra checks compared to those foreseen by the traditional gynecological plan.”

“We followed the lady, in tandem with the neurologist and other specialists, calibrating the therapies, constantly checking both the health conditions of the mother and those of the baby in the womb. A high-risk pregnancy due to the maternal age and the pathology of the pregnant woman, but which went well, resulting in a natural birth at over 39 weeks of gestation. It’s not over, the new mother is breastfeeding her baby. This important goal is also possible today thanks to new therapies, which they allow women suffering from MS to be treated during pregnancy and breastfeeding, without the drugs having a negative impact on their baby”, explains the doctor.

“When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis I was just 26 years old. A brick on the head, at first, but then the awareness that I had to calm down the illness, make it my friend. I was recently married and for ten years I didn’t think about motherhood. I wanted to complete my studies, establish myself in my work as a teacher. Underneath there was the great fear of my illness: could I sustain a pregnancy? Would I have given birth to a healthy child?”, says the new mother.

Then the light bulb goes on and the strong and shared desire with my husband to become parents. We talk about it with the doctors. They give us the okay. However, fate gets in the way again and other problems arise. Let’s not give up. Ten years after the dream expressed, I become pregnant. I am a mature mother, I am 45 years old, but I face pregnancy with optimism and without paranoia. Doctor Maiorana follows me, with my neurologist and therefore also the team from the high-risk pregnancies clinic at Arnas Civico. A team effort that proves successful. I experience a muffled but splendid pregnancy, without complications or annoying symptoms. I can even give birth naturally. Of course, the labor was long and the birth difficult, but I am happy to have given my little girl the benefits of natural birth. I’m also breastfeeding her, with difficulty, but with perseverance. I made my biggest dream come true. I look at my little girl in the crib, she is pink and plump. She is my greatest hope and she is also for the many women in the same conditions as me. I say to them: don’t give up, trust and trust the doctors and you will be able to fulfill your dream of motherhood.”

The birth of little Vittoria took place in the night between last Thursday and Friday, with an ordinary procedure, followed by the Gynecology and Obstetrics team of Arnas Civico, a hospital recently directed by Doctor Walter Messina.