“Suffering remains, but time…”: the showgirl returns to TV and tells everything

He confessed everything, starting from his suffering from the past. The showgirl is finally back on television after a long time. Here’s what she said.

During the transmission very truebroadcast every week on the Mediaset networks and conducted by Silvia Toffanin, viewers were able to witness a welcome return. After a few years of absence from this living room, a special guest has arrived, much loved by the public, who also follow her on social networks. She is a showgirl who boasts more than half a million followers on Instagram.

The presenter returns to TV and recounts the suffering she experienced – Credit: Instagram (sologossip)

Of course we are talking about Matilde Brandi, former prima ballerina of various television programs broadcast in the 90s and early 2000s. The showgirl, born in Rome on February 27, 1969, recounted the most difficult years of her life, during which she collected several disappointments. Some of these still cause her great suffering. Here are the most interesting passages of the interview given by Matilde Brandi to the microphones of very true.

Matilde Brandi recalls her suffering on TV

Matilde Brandi gave a nice interview to Silvia Toffanin during the programme very true. The former dancer introduced her new love, Francis Tafanelli, arrived when he had already lost hope. Apparently she was Manila Nazzaro to introduce them during an event, then the spark struck and a great love blossomed, which arrived after a particularly bad period in his life.

Matilde Brandi interview
Matilde Brandi in a recent shot – Credit: Instagram (sologossip)

Matilda, in fact, has recently passed a separation that has created several problems for her. Just two years ago, the woman was in the same TV studio and she looked like a broken woman from her last love story. She evidently managed to put everything behind her, but the past still left some aftermath: “They have been two difficult years, the suffering remains, but time heals the wounds. Scars give you the strength to carry on”. The reference is to the relationship with Marco Costantiniterminated after his participation in the Big Brother VIP. Matilda she said she felt like “a wrong woman”, but today she is happy because that relationship has given her two enormous joys: “Two beautiful 17-year-olds who have a wonderful father”. And the ring? At this point, the Brandi he found his usual smile again and answered, without hiding what his hopes were.

“The ring hasn’t arrived yet”he said Matilda at the Toffanin, “but there are all the conditions for it to arrive. In the darkest moment he arrived. Being wrong gave me the opportunity to wait for him”. The marriage proposal has not yet arrived, therefore, but the fans of Matilde Brandi they won’t have to wait much longer. The feeling is that the ex-ballerina will go up the altar very busy.