Summer 2022, why are flights canceled? And what to do?

Airline companies, airports and insufficient staff. The fight of the summer 2022 and the reactions on the passengers’ social networks

Summer in chaos for Italians who intend to travel to Europe. In fact, hundreds of flights have been canceled by airlines, mainly due to the lack of staff due to the numerous layoffs in the last two years due to the pandemic.

Why are flights canceled?

The main reason explained and declared by the various cabin crew unions is that during the two-year lockdown, due to travel restrictions, flights were drastically reduced and therefore a large number of staff were fired or dismissed.

With the slow return to normal, the flight numbers have been increased but not that of the staff. Double shifts, continuous delays and new rules to manage for on-board personnel who requested salary adjustments and staff increases. At the moment there have been no meeting points with the various companies which therefore see numerous and sudden strikes by employees.

Therefore, flights are canceled due to the accumulation of delays and lack of staff to manage all the needs that are going to accumulate.

Delay or cancellation who has to refund?

Another point of conflict, which leads to the other number of flights canceled in the summer of 2022 is the flight refund issue. If a flight exceeds the hours of delay that trigger the reimbursement, or is even canceled, until now it has always been the airline that has to face the reimbursement to passengers. In 2022 there were several problems and technical obstacles on the part of airport structures. Such as for example in Milan Malpensa the temporary closure of Terminal 2 (T2) which therefore leads to the convoy of all flights, international and non-international, in Terminal 1.

The airlines are therefore asking the various airline structures to provide for a refund to passengers also or only on their part, being many times (according to the airlines) the reason for the delay or cancellation.

The wrath of passengers on social media:

But how did the Italians react? Volocom, a leading media monitoring company, has scoured social media to find out.

For sure, this is a topic that interests Italians a lot: in the last 3 months, over 2,600 posts have been published, mainly between 19 June and 31 July, which have generated a total of almost 955 thousand interactions including likes, comments and shares.

The mood of the posts is almost totally negative (81.45%). Complaints not only from those who, due to the cancellation, had to wait hours and hours at the airport or this year will miss the holidays but also from those who have lost their suitcase. The main concern, in any case, remains the refund of the ticket.

There is no shortage of those who take the opportunity to denounce the situation of employees and, more generally, the Italian economic situation.

The exception is a small percentage of users (11.84%) who show a more positive attitude. Among these, there are those who appreciate customer service and those who use the opportunity to make a more sustainable trip.