Summer 2023 nails, how to copy Hailey Bieber’s “Dragon Nails” manicure

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Lovers of style and trends always have an eye on the Instagram profile of Hailey Bieber which can be considered a real magazine containing ideas of all kinds. Top-notch beauty influencer, the wife of Justin Bieber and founder of the skincare brand Rhode, hit the mark once again with her usual strategy: a post on Instagram with her hands in full view decorated with a irresistible nail artall to copy. The inspiration of the season? Most Popular Fantastic Beasts Ever: the dragons.

The fantasy inspiration of the new summer manicure

They are called “Dragon Nails” and they are already a cult, like everything selected (and promoted) by Hailey Bieber, followed by over sixty million users between Instagram and TikTok.
It’s not just the numbers that make the American supermodel a real guru in terms of fashion and style. Her beauty trends immediately go viral as well as her manicures, officially among the most commented online and among the most requested in nail saloons.

Lover of long nails with tips filed into stilettos, the twenty-six year old dared this time with decorated colors and motifs very far from those shown off in recent seasons.
The inspiration of the “Dragon Nails”, as the name suggests, is dragon skinthe fantastic animal that animates fairy tales, films and TV series.
In this manicure the nails are painted with different patterns and colors and on every single nail there is a different color version of the iridescent and scaled skin of dragons.
The shades range from yellow to purple, to pink, to blue, on a white, black or nude background, given that in some cases the nail artist preferred to work only on the length of the nail without starting from the base. There are no indications about the author of this manicure but it’s a safe bet that Bieber hasn’t cheated on her favorite manicurist, Zola Zagorintwho created all the spectacular (and famous) manicures of Stephen Baldwin’s daughter, whose work on the hands of Hollywood stars is collected in the Instagram profile Nails by Zola.

The minimal and colorful style of Hailey Bieber

With her latest manicure, Hailey Bieber has made it clear that summer 2023 will also be dedicated to bright colors and of a pinch of madness.
Justin Bieber’s wife, always looking for new ideas for her look, enjoys painting her nails with strong and energetic colors every summer, reserving pink and nude for the winter season.
The “Dragon Nails” came after a pastel yellow manicure that appeared on Instagram during the spring, the season in which she continued to show off the nails glazedpainted with a clear glaze with a pearlescent and shimmering finish.
Bright colors and cartoon-style decorations are two of the key elements of Hailey Bieber’s style, in which two souls coexist: that classy is that funny.
Every look of the twenty-six-year-old is the result of an original and widely imitated style that draws liberally fromaesthetics of the the nineties. At that time we can attribute the model’s passion for even cuts (the short bob and without bangs sported again this summer) or for the wet look hairstyles also chosen for appearances at evening events. Even the star’s wardrobe is full of garments with a young, simple and minimal style, just like the one in vogue thirty years ago. Oversized sweatshirts, denim shorts, biker shorts, polo-style t-shirts, all pieces that, seen on her, immediately returned to the top of everyone’s desires.