Summer in October, from the increasingly hotter weekend with the Apollo Anticyclone: ​​the weather forecast

Days with highs up to 32-33 degrees and blue skies

Endless summer in Italy. The weather today and tomorrow speaks of days with sunshine, blue skies and splendid days thanks to the African Anticyclone Apollo. Antonio Sanò, founder of the site, confirms a Autumn disguised as Summer in Italy with highs up to 32-33 degrees and blue skies. To be picky, there are some small differences compared to the height of summer, but they are still pleasant differences: in the morning it’s cool, the night is almost cold in the mountains, the days are a little shorter, but all in all it’s a wonderful climate!

The sea water, among other things, has the same temperature as at the end of June with values ​​ranging from 23 degrees in Viareggio to 25 in Cala Mariolu in Sardinia or on the seafront in Bari. Around Sicily we have some even higher peaks and everything this allows for long swims in the sea from North to South.

The weather, therefore, during this weekend, which takes us from September to October, will be beautiful: the only dangers, linked to a Mediterranean Cyclone on the Ionian Sea, will be represented by some thunderstorms between Cilento, southern Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily, with some accumulation not excluded in the next few hours also in Puglia.

But on Saturday and especially on Sunday the sky will be blue from the Alps to Portopalo di Capo Passero in the Syracuse area: in short, the Apollo Summer is ready to take off, not towards the Moon but towards an Italy that is increasingly warmer and sunnier for many days.

With the African Anticyclone Apollo, the triple A (AAA), we will have sunshine until at least Tuesday 3, except for the aforementioned dangers in the far South: on Wednesday 4th a rapid descent of Scandinavian air is expected, the first of the season, directly towards the Balkans. From Sweden towards Serbia, however, the polar cold front will touch our North-East and the Adriatic regions, bringing a temporary drop in highs and some thunderstorms.

From Thursday 5 October we will return immediately and everywhere under the protection of Apollo which, as indicated in the name of the Apollo 11 rocket, it will protect us for at least 11 days. Until the end of the first ten days of October, net of the rapid disturbances mentioned, we will have the October Summer: 11 days of sun and record heat for the period, heat to be enjoyed at the seaside or in the mountains.


Friday 29th. In the north: sun and summer heat. In the center: sun and summer heat. In the south: sunny except for local showers or thunderstorms in Cilento, Pollino, Calabria and Sicily.

Saturday 30. In the north: sun and summer heat. In the center: sun and summer heat. In the south: mostly sunny except for isolated showers between Calabria and Sicily.

Sunday 1. In the north: sun and summer heat. In the center: sun and summer heat. In the south: mostly sunny.

Trend: African anticyclone Apollo everywhere, full summer with prevailing sun and above average heat especially in the Centre-North.