Summit Born in Madrid, Biden: more US forces in Europe, even in Italy. DIRECT

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The US will strengthen its military presence in Europe, including additional air defensive capabilities in Germany and Italy. American President Joe Biden said this when opening today’s NATO summit in Madrid. Vladimir Putin wanted the “Finland model” for Europe, and instead gets the “NATO model”, Biden later added (LIVE UPDATES ON THE WAR). While Prime Minister Mario Draghi specified: “The security of Finland and Sweden must not be jeopardized in any way”. Meanwhile Zelensky, on video link, asks the countries of the Alliance for “modern artillery and financial support “against Moscow.

The moves of the USA

“Article 5 of NATO is sacrosanct and let’s be serious, an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us”, said the US president, before welcoming Sweden and Finland. And he then recalled that Washington has already sent 20,000 troops to Europe after the invasion of Ukraine, bringing the total to 100,000.

Draghi: Italy contributes to the safety of Sweden and Finland

The Italian Prime Minister also spoke from Madrid: “Italy affirms its determination to contribute as of now, in close consultation with Finland and Sweden and in the most appropriate ways, to their security and defense needs. Confirmation in this regard the validity of existing commitments in the European context, including Article 42.7 of the Treaty establishing the European Union “, said Draghi.

Moscow: destabilizing NATO enlargement

Meanwhile, Moscow warns: “The further enlargement of NATO”, with the entry of Sweden and Finland, is a “destabilizing” move, which “will not bring greater security to the members of the Alliance themselves”, as the deputy minister said. Russian Foreign Office Serghei Ryabkov, quoted by the Interfax agency.