Sun and heat, spring week: weather in Italy

The anticyclone brings temperatures above 20 degrees

Sun and heat, spring dominates the weather week in Italy with the arrival of a robust anticyclone and temperatures that can even exceed 20 degrees. Antonio Sanò, Director and Founder of, announces that at the start of the week the latest rains and snowfalls up to hilly altitudes will affect the southern regions. In the following days, however, a huge high pressure bubble will dominate the scene over a large part of Europe and also of our country, which will effectively block the atmosphere. In technical jargon, this particular pressure disposition takes the name of Omega blocking, from the Greek letter (Omega blocking, in English). It is an anticyclonic area “blocked” by two low pressure centers located right on its sides, one in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the other on Eastern Europe, able to remain in a large area for a long time. . An anticyclonic blockade that, in fact, will prevent Atlantic disturbances from reaching Italy: from mid-week many sunny days over most of the regions.

The maximum temperatures, given the partly African component of the high pressure, will often rise above the climatic averages: in some locations on the northern plains and part of the Center it is not excluded that the mercury column may rise well above 20 degrees .

The downside of this anticyclonic phase should also be noted: the drought and rainless period will continue, something really anomalous, especially in months that are usually among the wettest of the year, with rather worrying consequences.


Monday 21. In the North, partly cloudy sky in the far Northwest, few clouds elsewhere. In the Center: rain showers on Sardinia, sun elsewhere. South: local rains on Sicily and Calabria, partly cloudy elsewhere.

Tuesday 22. In the north, clear skies. In the Center: prevailing good weather, all sun. In the South: clear or partly cloudy skies.

Wednesday 23. In the north, ample sunshine. Center: partly cloudy sky. In the South: cloudy conditions.

Trend. Between Thursday and Friday still a super anti-cyclone master of Italy; probable weather failure over the weekend.