Sun and heat, summer again with Ottobrata bis: here’s where, Italy weather forecast

During the week expected maximum temperatures as in the summer

Sun and heat, during the week that has just begun “the African anticyclone, just like in the summer, will spread over the Mediterranean basin this time with consequences for the whole of Italy. Thus, a real Ottobrata Bis will begin” explain the site’s experts

Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site, announces that starting today we will have to deal with a real “atmospheric block”: it is a vast anticyclonic field, literally “nailed” and therefore forced to station in a large area for a long time, with the main effect of keeping away not only any Atlantic disturbance, but also cold outbreaks from the North Pole.

This phase of absolute atmospheric stability could last until the weekend, when colder and unstable currents descending from the Atlantic could become more and more intrusive, causing a slight temperature drop and even some precipitation, especially in the northern regions.

Until at least Thursday, however, the stable, sunny and above all very hot weather will continue to persist for everyone. Suffice it to say that on the Major Islands the mercury column may locally exceed 30 ° C by mid-week, maximum values ​​typical of the summer period! But the almost summer climate and therefore truly exceptional will certainly also be spoken of for the regions of the Center North as it will touch peaks of 25-26 ° C in cities such as Bologna, Ferrara, Florence and then again in Rome, Bari and Naples.

However, there will be some not so pleasant implications: as often happens at this time of year, already from Tuesday 18 we will have to deal with the fogs, which will return to envelop the plains of the North (and not only), especially during the night and in the very early morning, limiting visibility and unfortunately favoring the accumulation of smog and polluting gases in the lower layers of the atmosphere that will make the environment less healthy, especially in the large northern urban areas.


Monday 17. In the north: good weather except for scattered clouds in Liguria and dense mists or fogs in the plains. Center: sunny except for scattered clouds over Upper Tuscany. In the south: good weather with temperatures above the average for the period.

Tuesday 18. In the north, possible morning fog on the plains, partly cloudy elsewhere. Middle: prevailing good weather. In the south: ample sunshine.

Wednesday 19. In the north, fog in the morning on the plains, sunny elsewhere. In the center: all sun. In the south: the phase of absolute atmospheric stability continues, with lots of sun and a very mild climate.

Trend following days: until Thursday sun, heat and fog in the North. On Friday it rains in the North.