Sunday in, who will be there as a guest at Mara Venier: fire departure

Sunday’s departure will be really fiery: have you read who will be Mara Venier’s guest? Bomb names: impossible to lose.

We are very close to the return of our most popular TV programs. If, however, for the new edition of Men and Women and GF Vip we have to wait another week, for the forty-seventh season of Sunday In you have to wait a few more hours. And, finding out who it will be guest in this first episode, we can tell you that it will be a fiery departure.

Mara Venier. Credits: Instagram

Every year, Domenica In offers more and more news and sensational guests. Have you read, in fact, what will happen starting from the first episode of this brand new edition? A few days ago, a big news was announced, which immediately broke into the hearts of its viewers.

What do you need to know, however, for the first episode of Domenica In? The broadcast time, as you can clearly understand, is always the same. Starting from 14:00 on Sunday 11 September, Mara Venier will be live exclusively with her show. Are you curious at this point to find out who will be there in this debut episode? TV Blog, as usual, has anticipated all those who will take turns in the TV studio. We assure you: there are some really crazy names!

Who will be a guest in this first episode of Domenica In? Mara Venier conquers

If you intend to spend a different Sunday than usual, you cannot miss the first and unmissable appointment of this forty-seventh edition of Domenica In. public holiday, giving his audience some episodes and ad hoc guests. By the way, what will happen during the first episode? In particular, who will be those who will take turns in the television studio in Rome? TV Blog has revealed the names of who it will be guest at Domenica In on September 11th.

Like the last edition, also for this year Mara Venier has chosen to deal with ‘light’ topics loved by all, but also issues related to news and current affairs. It is precisely for this reason that for the first episode of Domenica In lei chose to interview Stefania Matteuzzi, the sister of the young Alessandra who was tragically killed by her boyfriend a few days ago in Bologna.

After this ‘parenthesis’, Mara Venier will welcome in the studio on Domenica In an exceptional guest, as well as her great friend: Loretta Goggi! Not at all unknown to the interviews of aunt Mara, the beloved singer, presenter and actress will once again tell her landlady. Together with her, moreover, there will be: Alberto Matano, Andrea Sannino and Franco Ricciardi.

sunday in guest
Loretta Goggi. Credits: Youtube

In short, a really start with a bang, there is little to say. We have absolutely no intention of losing it, you?