Sunday: so we want to revolutionize the payment at the restaurant

Its name is Sunday (yes, just like Sunday) and it is an innovative system for paying in bars and restaurants that has recently landed in Italy. We tried the service in Milan at the launch, here’s how it works and what our experience was.

What is Sunday

Sunday, the founders promise, allows restaurant customers to save on average a quarter of an hour (useful time especially during lunch breaks or when in a hurry) because it gives the possibility to pay the bill directly from their table without waiting for the waiter arrives, in about 10 seconds. The service works like this: during the installation phase the room is “schematized” and a QR Code is associated with each table. When the time comes to pay, the customer scans the QR Code with the smartphone, connected to the cash terminals, and in a few clicks everyone can decide whether to pay everything, “alla romana” by dividing the bill equally or even individually choose the dishes and drinks to pay. Before completing the operation, you can decide whether to leave a tip to the waiters and, once confirmed by the electronic system, you can easily leave the restaurant, with the receipt that arrives via email. Payments are compatible with major credit cards, with Apple Pay and Google Pay, while an integration with Ticket Restaurant is also being studied. Through the QR Code, the restaurant can also decide to show the menu to its customers.

The advantages for restaurateurs

Founded just over a year ago, the platform is present in over 100 restaurants in Italy. “Sunday – explains Giuseppe Tamola, general manager for Europe – was born from the experience of restaurateurs for restaurateurs, a market that in Italy is worth over 100 billion and has more than 160,000 companies. We think we are the ideal solution for this sector – he continues – because installation is free, there are no fees and commissions are very low “. In the statistics elaborated on the restaurants where the system is already installed – Tamola continues – there is an increase in average spending of 20 percent (because the user can afford to remain seated at the table until the last moment, not having to worry about waiting to pay the bill) and also an increase in tips (+ 40% on average). The platform was created by two founding entrepreneurs of the Big Mamma food group (Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux) and Christine de Wendel, formerly of ManoMano and is present in over 6,000 locations around the world.