Super green pass also in the white area, lasting 9 months

Vaccine needed to access recreational activities. At work with the tampon

The Super green pass will also be adopted in Italy in the white area and will last 9 months. This is the line chosen today by the government to counter the fourth wave of covid infections. For recreational activities you will need the vaccine, to go to work a tampon will be enough.

According to what Adnkronos learns from sources present in the control room between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the heads of delegation of the majority forces, during the meeting the decision of a close on no vax already in the white area, ‘opening’ recreational activities only to those in possession of the so-called super Green pass, i.e. for those who are vaccinated or cured. Therefore, the squeeze should not arrive only where infections rise and situations in hospitals are more critical – that is, from the yellow area to rise – but everywhere and without distinction of any kind.

The no vax squeeze will be applied to the entire Italian territory, without distinction for areas of color. The system of zones divided by color – launched by the second Conte government – on the basis of the incidence of the virus and the situations in hospitals is therefore retiring. The vaccine will be required to access recreational activities. With only the swab you can go to work. Limited lockdowns – in particularly critical situations – they may also be decided locally by the individual administrators, sources present at the meeting report.