Super Green pass and squeeze on unvaccinated, measures on the way

Prime Minister Draghi and the majority forces, first in the control room and then in the CDM, will have to decide on new rules, including the duration of the green certification

Super Green pass in Italy, measures on the way. The goal is to counter the fourth wave of Covid which frightens Europe due to the numbers of infections everywhere on the rise. Yesterday in our country, 10,047 new cases of coronavirus and another 83 deaths were recorded, according to data from the Civil Protection bulletin and the Ministry of Health. The number of people admitted to intensive care is growing.

The squeeze for the no vax now seems inevitable: Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the majority forces, first in the control room and then in the CDM, will have to decide how effective it will be. “A remodeling of the Green pass in terms of duration and type“of certificate”it is likely. Work is certainly not affected “, said the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, speaking at DiMartedì and excluding that the turning point concerns access to jobs: in this context, the negative buffer should continue to be sufficient. On the table measures concerning access to bars, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, theaters and museums. And decide whether to enforce them, in the case, also in white area, as requested by some governors in the confrontation with the executive. Or if, on the contrary, identify areas that are off limits for the unvaccinated in the yellow, orange and red zone.

“The comparison with the Regions struck me very much. Unlike other times, in which perhaps different sensitivities on the issue of the pandemic emerged, this time I was surprised by the fact that substantially all the governors, with very few exceptions, had a very clear and shared position in asking the government for the so-called super Green pass ”, Minister of the Regions Maria Stella Gelmini said yesterday at ‘Porta a Porta’.

GREEN PASS UNDER 12 – A turn of the screw, the one with which the no vaxes will soon be able to deal, which should not in any case apply to high-speed trains and airplanes: a buffer will suffice to move. The duration of the negative ‘response’ could also decrease from 72 to 48 hours for the molecular and from 48 to 24 for the antigenic. Another knot on the table, and one that will certainly cause discussion, is that of the Green pass for under 12s, already on the government table today. During the week, or in any case by the end of the month, the favorable opinion of the EMA on vaccines for the little ones will arrive, which will soon be implemented by the AIFA. In the League the leitmotiv is no to the Green pass for under 12s, while Palazzo Chigi seems to be oriented towards widening the age ranges for vaccination passports as much as possible.

THIRD DOSE AFTER 5 MONTHS – Meanwhile, a new record has been recorded for the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine. “Yesterday (Monday, ed) we made a new record of third doses, over 164 thousand, and therefore we hope that things will continue in this way” said the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. From today Wednesday 24 November it is possible to carry out the third dose of vaccine 5 months after the first cycle. The circular of the Ministry of Health establishes in fact that “the minimum interval foreseen for the administration of the” booster “dose (booster) with m-Rna vaccine, to the categories for which it is already recommended (including all subjects vaccinated with a single dose of Janssen vaccine) and in the authorized dosages for the same (30 mcg in 0.3 mL for Pfizer / BioNTech’s Comirnaty; 50 mcg in 0.25 mL for Moderna’s Spikevax), is updated to five months (150 days) from the completion of the primary vaccination course, regardless of the vaccine previously used “. “Finally, we take the opportunity to reiterate what has already been communicated about the possibility, within the same vaccination session, of co-administering an anti-Sars CoV-2 / Covid-19 m-RNA vaccine (both in the case of primary and booster) and an influenza vaccine, in compliance with the rules of good vaccination practice “.

INTENSIVE THERAPIES – The latest update of the Agenas monitoring data shows that there are 8 Regions where the occupancy of beds in the medical area is growing and 6 are those where patients in intensive care are increasing. As regards the number of beds in the medical area, the increase concerns Calabria (7%), Marche (10%), Puglia (4%), Piedmont (5%), Tuscany (8%), Umbria (7%), Sardinia (6%) and Bolzano (9%). Friuli Venezia Giulia has levels above the threshold, equal to 15% for resuscitation and 17% for medical areas, but both these data have been stable for a few days: the first from November 20, the second from November 21.

In another 6, the percentage of patients admitted to intensive care increased: Basilicata (2%), Lombardy (11%), Veneto (6%), Piedmont (6%), Sicily (10%) and Trento (at 10%). As for the data at the national level, according to the National Agency for Regional Health Services, Covid patients occupy 6% of intensive care units and 8% of the posts in the ward. These values ​​are both below the limit threshold, at 10% and 15% respectively.