Super Green pass and unvaccinated rules, what the experts say

The words of virologists, infectious diseases and immunologists on the hypothesis being examined by the government

A super Green pass Italy and a sort of lockdown for unvaccinated as a hypothesis and solution to avert a new and dangerous wave of coronavirus infections in the country. This is the hypothesis being examined by the government in these hours, with more restrictive rules for our no vax in case of passage of a region in the orange and red zone. But what do the experts think? To answer are virologists, infectious diseases and immunologists after rumors about possible new measures.

“We would never have arrived at the hypothesis of the ‘dedicated’ lockdown to the unvaccinated and the reinforced Green pass if we had taken into account from the beginning that the virus does not go away, but that, even if it remained, it would never find itself in front of it. the large prairies that he found when he suddenly arrived 2 years ago. For this reason, for several months already it has been intolerable those who, not looking in front of the reality of the facts, continue to carry out real attacks on the health of most. And then, albeit with delay, restrictive measures are welcome, aimed at preventing any hypothesis of new unacceptable waves “, underlines Adnkronos Health the immunologist Mauro Minelli, responsible for Southern Italy of the Foundation for Personalized Medicine. “The fundamental point – he reiterates – is to stem irresponsibility, or to turn off the channels of alienating propaganda, if not provocative, which inspires immobilizing fear to the undecided”. We must “avoid façade do-gooders characterized by alternative mediation of those who continue to hit the barrel and one at the circle – highlights the expert – It is time to provide clear, precise, unambiguously defined indications instead, disengaging from unnecessary challenges with those who continue to have a different idea or no idea about prevention, and aiming exclusively at affirming a basic practice of protection in favor of the vast majority of the population “.

“Taking concrete numbers, statistics, objective data, the obvious differences between the most vaccinated and the least vaccinated realities, is useless – warns Minelli – is not enough to convince those who, regardless, are already willing to to deny, to counter, to argue without knowledge, to propose distortions of reality, to spread out meaningless slogans, to carve out mortifying spaces of unnatural popularity on tragedies. exhausting prudence of the decision-maker who, in the end, must decide for the safety of the large community administered by him. To do this, a precise knowledge of the state of the art is needed based on scientific foundations, conviction, timeliness and foresight “.

The super Green pass, issued only to those who are vaccinated or have had the disease, “could be the solution to bring more people to be vaccinated. If we limit the activities we know only to those who are vaccinated or cured, without the comfort those who choose the latter option, because they do not want to get vaccinated, maybe they would change their mind. I keep hearing about 7 million Italians who are not vaccinated but this is not the case, they are 13.5 million because even the under 12s must be put in which I hope will soon be able to vaccinate. The choice of the super Green pass had to be made 2-3 weeks ago to see the fruits, now it is also late. If the fruits are decided now we will see them in January “, he answers Adnkronos Salute Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious disease department of the San Martino hospital in Genoa,

On the lockdown only the unvaccinated, “the benefits are limited”, warns Bassetti and explains “what has helped enormously are vaccinations and there is no doubt about this, the lockdown does not solve the problems on the contrary – he warns – the data of the Sweden are impressed they have never locked down and vaccinated 70% of the population, things are better. It is necessary to evaluate the measures carefully, but – he suggests – opting for the obligation of Ffp2 masks for some categories “. “The players should have a preferential lane but for the first dose, players can be vaccinated with the third dose also to give an important communication message”. So Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious disease department of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, guest of ’24Mattino’ on Radio24. On Bayern Munich’s choice to cut the salary of no-vax players? “Right, I remain of the idea that the Super green pass is the right way, if you are not vaccinated at the stadium you cannot go”, concludes Bassetti.

For Massimo Andreoni, head of Infectious Diseases at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome and scientific director of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Simit), the super Green pass “does not give 100% security: there is always a small chance that the vaccinated and the cured can transmit the virus, even if certainly for a short time and with a low viral load “, highlights Adnkronos Salute. According to the expert, to modify the current Green pass one point should be considered: “It should be borne in mind that there is a gradualness in the safety that can give having the vaccine, the third dose or being cured of Covid – remember -. If the Green pass is issued within 3 months of these 3 possibilities is one thing, at 6 months another because a reduction in the antibody titer already begins and after 6 months this figure is reduced even more. So it seems to me necessary to calculate the timing well of vaccinations and of natural disease, from a green certificate perspective “. “But beyond the Green pass – warns Andreoni – it seems clear to me that we must absolutely maintain the measures we already know well: the mask worn indoors and outdoors if there are groups, distance and hand hygiene”.

“The fundamental problem is that there is a lack of data in the literature that tells us that this difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated can translate into effective control of the infection and therefore in a real control of infections”, he explains to Adnkronos Salute Roberto Cauda, director of infectious diseases of the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome. “On paper – the expert reasons – it could be yes in the sense that, where you in certain activities reduce the entry of these unvaccinated people, statistically you have a lower risk of having infected people. Obviously you do not bring the risk to zero, because we all know that zero risk does not exist, but you will certainly reduce it “. Not only. “A super Green pass – observes Cauda – could have an indirect effect of increasing vaccination, because maybe someone who is now undecided could hopefully decide to get the vaccine. And this, combined with the rest, could have an impact”. “However, a question mark remains – specifies the infectious disease specialist – and that is: if” unvaccinated “people go to work, take the bus, etc., you reduce, but do not cancel” the circulation of the virus, “because these people are not that are closed in the house “. Would there be a lockdown for the unvaccinated as Austria did? “It is a very difficult choice and among other things it has economic, social and political implications. Everything – he concludes – will depend on the controls. Whatever the decision taken, it will work if there are controls”.

Germany has an “insufficient number of vaccinated” against Covid-19, “many cases and several deaths; we must ensure that we have many vaccinated, few cases and very few deaths”, but Italy risks ending up like Germany “if we don’t increase the first doses” and “we don’t run with the third ones”. So at Adnkronos Salute Walter Ricciardi, advisor to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and professor of Hygiene at the Catholic University of Rome, who on Twitter re-launched the appeal of the German Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, to his compatriots: “Vaccinated, cured or dead” by the end of ‘winter. To accelerate with anti-Covid vaccinations, first and third doses, it would therefore be necessary “a Green pass only for vaccinated and for those who have recovered” from Covid.

“If the super Green pass comes into effect from next week we will save Christmas, if this happens after we risk not succeeding. I would introduce it as early as next Monday”, the words of Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor at the State University of Milan, guest of ‘A sheep’s day’ on Rai Radio 1.

“Let’s not panic.” Covid-19, “thanks to vaccines, it is becoming an endemic flu syndrome. And as the level of natural immunity in the population rises, the things to do are obvious, almost trivial: vaccinate everyone, including children; give everyone the third dose afterwards. 6 months from the second (Israel docet); enact restrictions only for the unvaccinated (Green pass); let the fully vaccinated lead a normal life “. So this is the virologist’s ‘recipe’ Guido Silvestri, lecturer in the USA at Emory University in Atlanta and founder of the social page ‘Pills of optimism’. A positive vision that the scientist invites us to maintain even in this phase, supported by the data coming from the United Kingdom. “In the wave of autumn-winter 2020-2021, although there was no Delta variant – he explains on Facebook – the calculated lethality of Covid in the UK was 2.2% (84,509 deaths out of 3,859,241 cases), with numbers of hospitalizations in intensive care such as to put the public health service in crisis. Instead in the period from 1 June 2021 to date, the calculated lethality of Covid was 0.3% (16,109 deaths out of 5,359,091 cases), with numbers of intensive therapies never really worrying. Which means that nowadays, thanks to vaccines, and despite both the presence of the Delta and the absolute lack of restrictions, the real lethality of Covid is around 0.1-0.2% “.

Hence the indications of Silvestri, “hoping that, once and for all – the virologist hopes – the media catastrophism that has haunted us since March 2020, and that politicians and institutional technicians show courage and clearly say that zero risk does not exist , but the way to go is clear and there is no turning back “.