Super green pass, Cacciari: “Necessary? But de what …”

“Scientists should be interviewed who say how things are”

“Is the Super green pass necessary? Ma de che …”. Massimo Cacciari rejects without appeal the announced tightening of the green pass, with new rules for the unvaccinated. “The deaths from covid every day are a quarter of those who die of cancer and a third of the victims of cardiovascular disease, but there is only the covid. Scientists should be interviewed who say how things are, as an alternative to the official science of regime and to those who believe they have the truth “, says the philosopher to Cartabianca.

“It is not about vaccines but a therapy that attenuates, the effects are reducing. If we were all vaccinated, we would still be infected, hospitalized in intensive care and dead. I would like everyone to be vaccinated, it would be seen that we are still infected, hospitalized. and dead. This is not a vaccine, it is a drug. At this point, the obligation to vaccinate is welcome, I want to see what the constitutionalists are saying. The pharmaceutical companies themselves warn and say ‘be careful …’. I am against the green pass from a political, institutional and legal point of view. They have decided that there is no alternative to the vaccine: they must introduce the obligation and take responsibility for it “, he reiterates.

The EMA is about to rule on the vaccine for the 5-11 year old group. “Among all the infected in the world under the age of 12, the deaths are 1 in 10 million: there is no risk for this category of people, it is unthinkable to risk this category. I hear crazy rumors that we must vaccinate” children.