Super green pass, Cacciari: “New squeeze is very serious and unconstitutional”

For the philosopher “we should start thinking about a strategy of coexistence with the virus, we can no longer see it as a perennial emergency”

The new super green pass in Italy would be “unconstitutional”. Massimo Cacciari has no doubts and thus expresses himself on the anti-covid rules that could be adopted for the unvaccinated. On the new crackdown that the government is preparing with the launch of a super green pass only for vaccinated or recovered “there are two elements to evaluate. One is linked to the institutional-legal part and it seems to me we have reached truly intolerable levels. Before at least there was still the fig leaf of the tampon, if that also falls then it has become an obligation, therefore it is necessary that there is a full assumption of responsibility by the authorities, therefore an explicit obligation to vaccinate without ifs and buts “, says Cacciari, who spoke on the program” Italy has awakened “, on Radio Cusano Campus.

It would therefore be “an assumption of responsibility for everything, given that much scientific evidence speaks of possible correlations between certain categories and effects due to vaccination. Instead, now when you go to get vaccinated you sign a declaration in which you eliminate all responsibility of the state and pharmaceutical companies. The second aspect – continues the philosopher – is known that even the vaccinated can get infected and the category most at risk, the elderly, is vaccinated over 90%. The percentage of hospitalized vaccinated in the elderly shows that this vaccine is not enough to protect against serious disease. So I wonder why we keep getting vaccinated with this vaccine? The vaccinated infect and are infected “.

“Therefore this new squeeze is a very serious step, clearly unconstitutional, that it is not supported by the data we have. We cannot continue like this, neglecting all attention to traditional medical treatments, we should start thinking about a coexistence strategy with the virus. Or should we keep getting vaccinated forever? Either the Green pass becomes an identity card and we are forced to vaccinate every 6 months or we change our strategy. This is what scientists say “.

It can no longer be seen as a perennial emergency. This – continued Cacciari – is not a vaccine, the president of Bayer also declared. either another vaccine is found or a strategy is changed. The fundamental principle for imposing a cure at a constitutional level is that of informed consent, but here it does not seem to me that we are informed about these vaccines “.

As for the hypothesis of a green pass for under 12s, “I would limit myself to a simple appeal: we do not make the folly of obliging those who do not risk anything to vaccinate, that is, the categories under 12 years old. The WHO also said more evidence needs to be gathered before recommending under-12 vaccination. Let’s not go crazy for forcing adolescents who don’t risk anything to vaccinate ”, concluded Cacciari.