Super Green pass, Carfagna: “It will allow us not to slow down the economic recovery”

On the Quirinale: “Error using it to go to early voting”

The new Omicron covid variant “tells us that the fight against the virus is not over and it will not end soon. It is a brusque call to reality for everyone, but once again the Italian government has moved in time because the super green regulations pass will allow us not to slow down the recovery of the economy and to guarantee Italians to spend a Christmas in peace and safety “. This was said by the minister for the South and territorial cohesion, Mara Carfagna, on the sidelines of the Optimism Festival of the daily ‘Il Foglio’ in Florence.

QUIRINALE – “I think it is wrong to use the Quirinale to obtain early elections. There is a risk “said Carfagna at the Il Foglio Festival.

Who wants to go to early voting? “Maybe the Democratic Party to change the parliamentary groups, maybe Salvini and Meloni to solve their internal competition, the 5 Stars to consolidate the new leadership … All laughable arguments and hard to tell to a public opinion exhausted by two years of pandemic and which sees a breath of fresh air on growth and development, “said Carfagna.

As for Berlusconi, “it will be a concrete hypothesis when Berlusconi gives his willingness to stand as a candidate, which he does not currently exist, but he is being talked about because I believe that Berlusconi has the right to run for the Quirinale“. In case you don’t apply”a female profile would be nice, after all, there are about 271 large electric ones: a consistent numerical base. It would be a good sign for the country “.

CENTER RIGHT – Speaking of the center-right, Carfagna stressed that “only a moderate-traction, liberal and pro-European center-right can aspire to govern the country. The time has come for everyone to come to terms with reality: to think that an Italian government can kick in the teeth those European countries that have taxed themselves to give us the money “of the Next Generation Eu,” I think it would not have a great chance “.

“Up to now Forza Italia has guaranteed a sort of umbrella of credibility for the center-right coalition in the EU: it can no longer work like this, the time has come to decide whether to follow Poles and Hungarians or to admit that Europe has changed, is no longer that of austerity but capable of fielding a colossal work of solidarity “.

Then, to those who asked him about the hypothesis of his leadership of a possible ‘centrist’ pole, he replied: “This electoral law nails us to bipolarism. Any scenario outside of this is political fiction. “A” muscular “bipolarity has been the case up to now, Carfagna underlined.