Super green pass, decree: measures from 6 December to save Christmas

Green certificate valid for 9 months instead of 12. The squeeze for the unvaccinated even in the white zone

Super green pass in Italy from 6 December, also in the white area until 15 January. The Council of Ministers approved a decree-law that introduces urgent measures to contain the wave of Covid infections. Bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters become accessible only to vaccinated and cured people, in possession of the green certificate which will be valid for 9 months and not 12. The ‘simple’ green pass, also linked to the negative result of the swabs, is used to go to work , access hotels, use local public transport, regional and interregional trains.

The decree is developed in four areas: vaccination obligation and third dose; extension of the vaccination obligation to new categories; establishment of the reinforced Green Pass; strengthening of vaccination controls and promotional campaigns.

Vaccination obligation and third dose – The law decree provides for the extension of the vaccination obligation to the third dose starting from 15 December next and with the exclusion of the possibility of being used for different tasks.

New categories obligation – Furthermore, the provision establishes the extension of the vaccination obligation to further categories starting from 15 December, continues Palazzo Chigi. The new categories involved will be: health administrative staff, school teachers and administrative staff, military, police forces (including prison police), public aid personnel.

Duration Green pass and Super green pass – The text approved today provides that the validity period of the Green Pass is reduced from the current 12 to 9 months. The Green pass obligation is extended to other sectors: hotels; changing rooms for sports activities; regional and interregional rail transport services; local public transport services. Starting from December 6, 2021, the reinforced Green pass is introduced: it is valid only for those who are either vaccinated or cured. The new Green Certificate is used to access activities that would otherwise be subject to restrictions in the yellow zone in the following areas: Shows, Spectators of sporting events, Indoor catering, Parties and discos, Public ceremonies. In case of passage in the orange zone, the restrictions and limitations do not apply, but only the holders of the reinforced Green pass can access the activities. From 6 December 2021 and until 15 January 2022 it is envisaged that the reinforced Green pass for carrying out activities, which would otherwise be subject to restrictions in the yellow zone, must also be used in the white zone.

The other measures are: a will be placed strengthening of controls by the prefectures which must provide a provincial plan for carrying out constant checks within 5 days of the entry into force of the text and are obliged to draw up a weekly report to be sent to the Ministry of the Interior.

Sara enhanced the communication campaign in favor of vaccination. The government has taken and intends to take other administrative decisions: – the third dose is already allowed 5 months after the second; – will immediately open the third dose for under 40s; – if authorized, vaccination campaigns could be launched for the 5-12 age group, the government concludes.


“Our situation is slightly but steadily worsening. We want to prevent in order to preserve: we want to be very cautious to avoid risks and to be able to preserve what the Italians have achieved”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi expresses himself in this way, on the covid epidemic in Italy, after the Council of Ministers which today launched the Super green pass, in force in Italy since 6 December. “We have resumed our social life and interactions, we have resumed being normal: we want to keep this normality, this is the spirit of the measures”, he says.

“The Italian situation today is under control, we are in one of the best situations in Europe thanks essentially to the vaccination campaign which was a remarkable success. I want to thank the Italians who have joined the campaign and those who are joining the third dose”, says Draghi , who received the third dose: “I did it”.

“What seemed to be differences in position before the CDM and then during the CDM have disappeared, in fact the decision was made unanimously”, says Draghi referring to the launch of the Super green pass. “It is very important, in order to mend this contrast between those who get vaccinated and those who do not, that the government is compact, without giving up. The lack of compactness is then used as an excuse for evasion from the obligation, for the opposition, for the tension. We must not underestimate or criminalize the diversity of views and behaviors, we must try to convince. For this reconciliation to happen is the success of this initiative. Do you remember last year’s Christmas? was it before the pandemic? “asks Draghi.