Super green pass, doubts M5S: “This is how social contrast is created”

Coltorti: “Destre go to a wedding”. Sileri replies to skeptics: “With green certificate increase vaccinated”

Super green pass, doubts M5S. “I had Covid asymptomatic, I have high antibodies. I am asked to have the vaccine, but I am fine as I am, why am I being asked to have the vaccine?”. Thus, the president of the Senate Transport Commission Mauro Coltorti, senator M5S, learns the Adnkronos, speaking during the joint M5S meeting with the president Giuseppe Conte, underway on Zoom – the refund committee and the health situation on the agenda. With these measures “we create social conflict that will lead to protests and riots in the streets, the right-handers get married. Then at this point we also have the vaccinated swabs …”, suggests the pentastellato.

With the super Green Pass “we want to reward vaccinated people, but we know that they get infected and also go to the hospital. Isn’t that all a boomerang? deputy Mirella Emiliozzi. “I am absolutely in favor of vaccines, but we have seen that the infections have increased, the vaccinated have not increased with the Green Pass, we are increasing the social conflict without all of this having brought us any advantages”, said colleague Marco Bella, instead. saying he was “very perplexed about these measures”. Objections denied by the Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri: “Vaccinations have increased significantly since the Green pass was introduced … in September with the extension of the Green pass we kept 4-600 thousand vaccinations per week stable”.

The deputy Patrizia Terzoni also expressed doubts: “We must change our attitude and try to put everyone on the same level again, encourage the third dose for a certain age group, maybe even put the obligation from 50 years upwards, but let’s do it with full knowledge of the facts “. “Please be very careful because we too are beginning to have serious doubts in voting on these decrees that exacerbate the spirits without resolving the problem”, added the parliamentarian. “We are the only country that makes workers pay for tampons … We are the country that has the most restrictions of all despite the fact that we are in better shape. It is the level of vaccination that makes the difference, not the Green Pass”, he observed instead Gabriele Lorenzoni, closing: “7 million people who feel discriminated against will hate us and are also justified in hating us”.