Super Green pass Italy, what is the hypothesis being examined by the government

On the extent of pressing regions, what will be the next steps for the executive to face the pandemic in Italy

A super Green pass Italy to counter the wave of coronavirus infections in the country, with squeeze on the rules and greater restrictions on the unvaccinated and in favor of those who, on the other hand, have received the administration of the anti Covid vaccine. Here’s what it is and what is the hypothesis on which the Regions – “very compact” – are pressing and the government “reflects” after yesterday’s meeting between governors and executive. Nothing has yet been decided, but time is running out and we are moving towards a control room, and a Council of Ministers to follow, which Palazzo Chigi hopes to hold tomorrow or at the latest on Thursday.

The goal is to keep the country open and avoid repercussions to the economic recovery that is finally taking decisive steps. Like? The hypothesis on the table is to reshape the duration of the certificate and protect the so-called ‘two Gs’, i.e. healed and vaccinated according to the formula borrowed from Germany: a ‘super’ green document, therefore, which allows only these two categories to access to cinemas, theaters, gyms and other recreational activities, thus limiting the diehards against the vaccine.


Rewarding vaccinated citizens and offering certainty to the productive categories as requested by the Regions in government during yesterday’s summit. “The hypotheses discussed with the government are to ensure that in the passage of the zone and therefore in yellow, orange and red, there is a greater possibility of carrying out activities for those who are vaccinated”, explained the president of the Conference of Regions Massimiliano Fedriga to Tg2 Post after the meeting. “We have not reached a definitive solution”, he warned, but “the government will now make its own assessments and bring them to the Council of Ministers”. In any case, “before the CDM there will be a further confrontation with the Regions”, which the president has defined as “very compact” since the beginning of the pandemic and “regardless of geographic location or political color”.

And the front of the regions has in fact presented itself united in the meeting with the government, clamoring for the vaccinated to travel in the preferential lane and the no vaxes remain behind. Any tightening should therefore be measured on the ‘rebels’ of the vaccine: do not pay all Italians, the request of the governors. Up to the possibility of overcoming the famous division by ‘colors’, leaving only the no vaxes out of social life by ‘rewarding’ the others, those who have chosen science to get out of the pandemic.


But the government does not unbutton itself and on the next steps it is about to take it grants ‘only’ the news of the advance of the third dose: no longer six but five months. The Aifa and the Scientific Technical Committee are okay, so there will be a ‘scissor cut’ on the timing of the so-called ‘booster’. For the rest, everything will be decided in the next few hours, even if it is almost taken for granted that the vaccination obligation will not only affect healthcare personnel and RSA – as it has been until now – but in all likelihood it will also be extended to other categories more in contact with public.

The government also transpires the desire to expand the age range of the Green pass as much as possible, which could therefore drop below 12 years, a possible reason for a clash with the League and Matteo Salvini who, on this, has already said that he is “clearly contrary “. The government, on the other hand, does not seem to be, and in the next few hours it will be called upon to decide together with the super Green pass.


The position of the executive in the last few hours has meanwhile been outlined by Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa: “I would not speak of a lockdown for unvaccinated. But, with the worsening of the epidemiological situation and the transition to orange of some Regions – he explained -, of a provision that already automatically provides for a series of restrictions. I think that these limitations should not be paid for by those who are vaccinated. I think, with the exception of access to work and basic needs, that for certain activities such as restaurants, cinemas , the theater, should be limited only to those who are vaccinated “.