Super green pass, masks and pads: new French rules

Crackdown against the fifth covid wave

Obligatory masks in public places and for attending events. Third dose of vaccine available for adults from Saturday and mandatory from January 15 to maintain the green pass, to be administered five months after the second dose. The negative swab for unvaccinated will be valid for 24 hours.

Thus France is preparing to face the fifth wave of the pandemic which will be ” longer and more tiring than the fourth ” according to French Health Minister Olivier Véran. ” We still have fate in our hands, ” said the minister, arguing that the coronavirus vaccine has given a sense of excessive security to those who have received both doses and now it is necessary to return to good habits, to stay constantly ” vigilant ” and recover greater responsibility.

It will be “a real feat” to distribute millions of doses of the Covid vaccine, Veran said, but it is necessary. Both because the intensive care units in French hospitals are filling up with people who have decided not to get vaccinated. Both because from 15 December the Green pass for over 65s will no longer be valid, if they have not obtained a booster dose in five months. From 15 January, the same rules will apply to all adults of age, who must have taken the booster dose to access public places, be they bars or restaurants, theaters or cinemas.