Super green pass, rules and controls from 6 December

The Interior Ministry explains how the checks will be made in a circular to the prefects

Green pass, super and not, this is how the checks will be made from 6 December with the new anti-Covid measures in Italy. This was explained by the circular to the prefects, signed by the head of the Viminale cabinet Bruno Frattasi, relating to the decree law of last November 26 with the new containment measures of Covid-19. “The controls are decisive”, the document reads. First of all, the “checks on weekends in shopping and nightlife areas“and it will be the role of local public transport companies is central.

” On the operational level, it is recommended that the methods of execution of the controls, whose flexibility and adaptability to various contexts is confirmed by the provision that allows them to be carried out even on a sample basis, do not compromise the need for fluidity of the service, especially for the purpose of averting, especially in local public transport, possible gatherings and possible repercussions of public order ”.

” Compliance with the new provisions, aimed at containing the pandemic, is the real key to strengthening the primary needs for the protection of public health and in order not to frustrate the efforts already made in this direction, thus avoiding the restoration of the more restrictive measures introduced in the past and the slowdown in the recovery process of the national economy ”.

The decree, writes Frattasi, ” establishes that the prefects send the Minister of the Interior a weekly report that gives an account of the results of the activity carried out within their respective competence ”, to ensure, ” between the center and the territory, a continuous flow of information ”.

RESTAURANT – ”In the sector of public establishments and catering, it is certainly important to consider thecontrol activities of the municipal police. In order to avoid overlaps with the activities of the other police forces, in particular the Guardia di Finanza, and to make the control action more effective and efficient, the need is emphasized that the respective services in this area are subject to a ‘careful planning’.

PLACES OF SHOPPING AND MOVIDA – ” It is evident that the need to strengthen the verification activities, of which the broad spectrum must be kept in mind, concerning both the different areas of application of the Green Pass and the set of other epidemiological containment measures, arises above all coinciding with weekends, marked by a notably higher movement of people. The intensification of services will therefore be particularly taken care of in urban areas with a greater concentration of commercial establishments and in those characterized by the phenomenon of nightlife ”. ” According to the same implementation logic – reads the circular – the control services connected to the Christmas holidays and the end of the year will be scheduled ”.

NON VACCINATED DEFENSE AND SECURITY – For the categories for which the vaccination obligation has been extended, including the personnel of the defense, security and public rescue sectors, as well as that of the local police, it should be noted that ”vaccination is an essential requirement for carrying out work activities of the obliged subjects, with the consequence that any non-fulfillment determines immediate suspension from service, without disciplinary consequences and with the right to retain the employment relationship. During the suspension period, no salary or other remuneration or emolument is due, however named ”. ” In the wake of the previous regulatory interventions – the provision reads – it was established that the penalties provided for the failure to verify the fulfillment of the vaccination obligation by the employer and for carrying out the work activity in violation of the same obligation , are imposed by the prefect ”.

CANTEENS AND CATERING – ” Canteens and continuous catering services on a contractual basis are excluded from the obligation of the reinforced green-pass ” is specified in the circular with the new Covid containment measures.