Super green pass, the proposal of the ruling regions

Fedriga and the rules for vaccinated: “It is a question of opening a little more in the case of an orange or red zone”

A ‘super green pass’ for vaccinated with ‘special’ rules against the risk of general closures – in the red or orange zone – due to the increase in covid infections in Italy. This is how the position that the regions will illustrate to the government can be summarized. “We must avoid that there is a significant increase in requests for hospitalization. We must also give certainty to the economic and entrepreneurial system of this country”, he says. Massimiliano Fedriga, governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia and president of the Conference of the Regions, speaking at In half an hour more.

“We will propose to the government to choose measures that can favor vaccinations as soon as possible, guaranteeing in case of passage of the zone the possibility of overcoming the restrictions for vaccinated people or for those who have overcome the disease. This could lead indecisive to participate in the vaccination campaign and give certainty to businesses, restaurateurs, hoteliers, shopkeepers “, says Fedriga.

“It is a difficult challenge, but we have to keep these two factors together. If we do not intervene, today in a region in the orange or red zone it closes for everyone. It closes for everyone regardless, in the current photograph. ‘more of things to those who have less risk of hospitalization: it’s not about closing someone, it’s about opening a little more for someone else, “explains the governor.