Super Green Pass, tomorrow the government decides new rules and measures

Squeezed on the No Vax. Bars, restaurants, gyms and cinemas only vaccinated

Tomorrow is day X, the one in which we decide – once again – on measures to stem the Coronavirus nightmare. This time the aim is to counter the fourth wave, with numbers of Covid infections that run in Europe and return to scare, to worry the whole world. The government’s goal is to act quickly to safeguard the economy, preserve growth and, of course, the health of citizens. To do so, the squeeze for No Vax now seems inevitable. As requested by the front of the regions, it is unthinkable that those who have done their duty, vaccinated themselves, pay. Here because the road of the Super Green Pass now appears to have been traced, allowing only the vaccinated to access recreational activities.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the majority forces, first in the control room and then on the CDM, they will have to decide how effective the squeeze will be, or rather if it will be possible to allow the No Vax to go only to the workplace with the result of a swab. Banning them from bars, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, theaters and museums. And whether to do it, if necessary, even in the white zone, as requested by some governors in the confrontation with the executive. Or if, on the contrary, to make the play areas off limits only from the yellow area up.

A crackdown, the one with which the No Vax will soon be able to deal with, which should not, however, apply to high-speed trains and airplanes: to move around, a buffer will suffice. The duration of the negative ‘response’ could also decrease from 72 to 48 hours for the molecular and from 48 to 24 for the antigenic. Another node on the table, and one that will certainly cause discussion, is that of the Green Pass for the under 12s, already on the government table tomorrow.

During the week, or in any case by the end of the month, the favorable opinion of the EMA on vaccines for the little ones will arrive, which will soon be implemented by the AIFA. But tomorrow, government sources explain to Adnkronos, the discussion on the extension of the Green Pass to minors under the age of twelve will already be on the table of the CDM. To decide from now on the way to go when the vaccinations of children aged 5 and over will be fully implemented.

Matteo Salvini’s League is already putting its hands forward, foreshadowing a new battleground: no to the Green Pass for under 12s, is the leitmotiv. While Palazzo Chigi seems to be oriented towards widening the age ranges for the vaccination passport as much as possible. As for the obligation, in addition to health personnel and RSA – measure already in force but to be revived on third doses – it is possible that it will also be introduced for the police. While the green light to strengthen border controls seems now obvious, especially at the borders of countries where the incidence of the virus is highest.

Another knot to untie, theshowing the Green Pass or, at least, the negative result of a tampon to get on public transport, see bus and metro. Some majority forces would like to have a squeeze on this too, but we have to deal with the difficulties of guaranteeing controls. Another aspect that the government will tackle tomorrow, trying to find the square once again.