Super green pass, unvaccinated rules and duration: today Cdm

The squeeze is looming for bars, restaurants, cinemas and theaters. Sileri: “The work is not touched”. Hypothesis of measures in the white area

A Super green pass with a shorter duration than the current 12 months, with rules for non-vaccinated people and new measures to stem the fourth wave of covid infections in Italy. Today the control room is scheduled first, then the Council of Ministers for a tightening announced after a day characterized by a bulletin with 10,047 new cases and 83 deaths. The regions are calling for a crackdown on no vaxes and protecting those who have been vaccinated.


On the table, measures that should concern access to bars, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, theaters and museums. “A remodeling of the green pass in terms of duration and type of” certificate “is likely. The work is certainly not affected”, says Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, speaking to DiMartedì and excluding that the turning point concerns access to posts. work: in this context, the negative buffer should continue to be sufficient.


Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the majority forces will have to define the depth of the measures and their perimeter. It will be necessary to decide whether to launch the change also in the white zone, as requested by some governors in the confrontation with the executive, or whether to identify sectors that are off limits for the unvaccinated only in the yellow, orange and red zone.

The measures should not apply to high-speed trains and airplanes: a buffer will continue to be sufficient to move. The duration of the negative ‘response’ could also decrease from 72 to 48 hours for the molecular and from 48 to 24 for the antigenic. Local transport has not so far been associated with the Green Pass: some majority forces would like a squeeze also in this area, but the difficulty linked to controls remains.

The guidelines of the regions, sent to the government, provide that the possession of the green pass does not cancel the need to continue to use the masks. “In the current phase in which the vaccination campaign is underway and the international scientific indications do not exclude the possibility that the vaccinated subject could become infected, even without developing the disease, and spreading the contagion, the presentation of one of the Covid-19 green certifications does not it replaces compliance with the measures to prevent and combat the spread of contagion, such as in particular the use of the mask (surgical mask or device that confers superior protection such as Ffp2 indoors “, reads.


On the government’s agenda there is also another theme that promises to be complex: the Green Pass for under 12s. 11 years. The extension of the green certificate to children, as government sources explain to Adnkronos, will already be among the topics to be discussed today. The position of Matteo Salvini’s League is clear, and he said no. Chapter obligation: in addition to health personnel and RSA – measure already in force but to be revived on third doses – there is the hypothesis relating to the police.