Super green pass: what it is, how it works, when it came into force

Restaurants, bars, stadiums and gyms: where the new certificate is needed

The Super green pass in effect from 6 December throughout Italy, even in the white area, to stem the covid infections of the fourth wave. What is the special certificate for vaccinated and cured? How does it work? The Super green pass, as established by the decree passed by the Council of Ministers, is available to those who are vaccinated against covid or to those who are cured of coronavirus. Therefore, it is not up to those who test negative for a tampon. Its duration drops to 9 months from the current 12 months envisaged for the ‘old’ green pass.

As Palazzo Chigi explains, the new green certificate is used to access a series of activities. The Super green pass is also essential in the white area until January 15 2022 to attend shows and sporting events, enter indoor bars and restaurants, participate in parties and enter discos.

The green pass, also linked to a negative buffer, is extended to hotels, changing rooms for sports activities, regional and inter-regional trains, local public transport.

“We take a further step forward: it is extended to hotels, inter-regional rail transport and local public transport. It is also extended to the changing rooms of all sports activities. The green pass until now lasted 12 months, the Technical Scientific Committee indicated in 9 months the suitable duration on the basis of the holding capacity of the vaccine. The third area of ​​intervention built in the decree has to do with the so-called reinforced green pass “, the words of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, to illustrate the decree.

“We believe that in this phase of the epidemic, for the period between 6 December and 15 January, the reinforced green pass will be introduced: the green certificate can only be obtained in the case of vaccination or recovery. choice of this type, there is a very positive element that I would like to underline. In the event of a color change of the region “from the white area to the yellow, orange or red area” we would avoid restrictions for vaccinated people. The strengthening of the green pass serves to avoid closures and capacity reductions “, he says again.