Super green pass work over 50, what changes from today April 1st

Stop the requirement for a reinforced certificate for school and law enforcement

The Super green pass or reinforced Green pass for those over 50 at work from today April 1st is no longer mandatory. It is no longer necessary to be vaccinated or cured, the basic Green pass (which is obtained with a swab and lasts 48 hours) will be sufficient until April 30th. So there will no longer be suspension from work in the absence of the Super green pass. The vaccination obligation remains until June 15th. A separate discussion for healthcare personnel, hospital workers and RSA workers: suspension from work in the absence of Covid-19 vaccination remains for these categories. The vaccination obligation remains in force until December 31st.

The green pass will be sufficient from today for school workers, including professors no vax ‘, security sector and law enforcement, it remains an extension of the vaccine obligation to 31 December. For teachers as well as for police, defense, public rescue, local police and university workers, the vaccination obligation remains until June 15, 2022.

“Workers over 50 and in compulsory categories, excluding health workers, will be able to return to work but will have to swab. In the workplace, people over 50 and the categories for which the obligation was in force – school staff and law enforcement agencies – return to a basic green pass mode “, said Roberto Speranza, Minister of Health, summarizing the picture, at Che tempo che fa in Sunday’s episode.