Super Mario Bros. The Movie, Easter Eggs and videogame references

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Goofy at the cinema Super Mario Bros. The Moviethe animated blockbuster from Illumination, Nintendo and Universal which grossed well 400 million dollars just a week after its release. A success that seems to be due to the desire to emulate the player’s experience rather than “just following the plot points of video games”, as he reports Shigeru Miyamotocreator of Super Mario Bros and producer of the film.

“Without the player’s involvement, it won’t meet expectations,” specifies Miyamoto. “We recognized that every video game fan has a Mario in them, as it is the avatar that represents the player.” Thus was born a film that captures perfectly the feeling of playing a video game of Super Mario, complete with references – obvious and not – to retro Nintendo titles. And some Easter Eggs that will make absolute plumber fans lose their minds.

Some of Easter Eggs from Super Mario Bros. The Movie

  • Charles Martinet, the actor who has voiced Mario in games since 1991, seemed to be the big absentee from this production. Replaced by Chris Pratt, Martinet still gives his presence to fans of the Nintendo video game, appearing in the role of an Italian man named Giuseppe, whose cartoonish accent sounds very familiar. And that’s not all. The more observant will notice that the actor is filmed while he plays a Jumpmanreminiscent of the Donkey Kong of 1981, the first game to debut Mario as a character.
  • In the scene where Luigi receives his first job call as a plumber, it is possible to recognize that the telephone ringtone is none other than the GameCube startup sound. A more than appropriate reference considering that Luigi’s first solo spin-off game, Luigi’s Mansionwas one of the launch titles for the GameCube when it debuted in 2001.
  • Super Mario Bros. The Movie it is chock full of references to retro video gamesincluding the series Punch Out!!A detail impossible not to notice when Mario and Luigi find themselves in their favorite place, the Punch Out Pizzeria.
  • In the scene where Mario and Luigi run to reach the place of their first official job, Nintendo enthusiasts will have no trouble recognizing that the New York construction site they are crossing looks like the layout of level 1-1 Of Super Mario Bros., perhaps the most iconic of all time.
  • You will be amazed to know that the film introduces the audience to Mario’s first love, Pauline. A pixelated brunette in a red dress, whom the famous plumber tries to save from Donkey Kong in his very first arcade game. She disappeared and was replaced by Princess Peach in later games, but Pauline returned in the game Super Mario Odyssey of 2017 as mayor of New Donk City.