Super Mario Bros. The Movie, Jack Black publishes the video clip of the song Peaches

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On the soundtrack of Super Mario Bros. The Movie there is a song by Jack Black titled Peaches. It is a song that in the animated film is sung by Jack Black, who lends his voice to Bowser. We are talking about the iconic villain of the famous video game saga, also the protagonist of the video clip of the song, directed by Cole Bennet and shared in these hours on YouTube by Jack Black himself (you can watch the music video at the bottom of this article).

That genius of music and comedy, Jack Black, offers us a piece that strangely does not make use of the guitar (Black’s main instrument) but of the piano. He sings (at the top of his lungs, as usual) all of his love for Peach (the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom who usually appears in games as the damsel in distress, invariably saved by her Mario).
We see the actor inside a mushroom characterized by Barbie pink walls (indeed: Peach pink, given that the iconic dress of the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is really a full candy pink, like the one that characterizes the Mattel doll).
Live-action version of Browser (Black in the flesh) sits down at a grand piano and starts playing and singing the song Peachesgiving us 2 minutes and fifty of pure soul (both the melody and the singing can be included in the soul genre, a musical vein to which Black has not accustomed us, given that he raised us with the sound of rock not even hard but just heavybrilliantly played on acoustic guitar together with his partner Kyle Gass of Tenacious D).

You can (indeed you must) watch the video clip of Peaches directed by Cole Bennet and produced by Lyrical Lemonade in the video that you find at the bottom of this article.

“Super Mario Bros. The Film” has already grossed almost 7 million euros in Italy alone

To define Super Mario Bros. The Movie a great success is little, given that we are talking about a title that has already grossed almost 7 million euros in Italy alone.

The animated film is directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic (producers of Teen Titans Go! – The film ) and is based on a screenplay by Matthew Fogel (The LEGO Movie 2: A New Adventure, Minions 2 – How Gru Becomes Despicable).
In the original version it is Chris Pratt who voices Mario, while Anya Taylor-Joy is Princess Peach, Charlie Day Luigi and Jack Black the villain Bowser. Keegan-Michael Key voices Toad, Seth Rogen and Fred Armisen voice Donkey and Cranky Kong. Instead Kevin Michael Richardson is the uvula of Kamek and Sebastian Maniscalco that of Spike.

Jack Black in the villain roles inaugurates truly unprecedented acting parts

A great credit goes to Jack Black: that of having been able to eradicate prejudices, clichés and hackneyed things in various fields.
In this case we are talking about his having managed to clear customs an incredible vis comic in the case of the bad guy: since the world began, the bad guy isn’t funny at all, quite the contrary. But when someone like Black plays him, even the wickedness cannot be disconnected from extreme comedy and empathy. As can also be seen from the video clip of the song itself Peaches (which we invite you to watch in full in the video at the bottom), the Black Browser is impossible not to love. And if we were her (in Princess Peach), we would almost give it a little thought, giving an unprecedented twist to the “Propp scheme” that underlies the Super Mario Bros videogame saga … And they lived happily ever after yes, but Peach and Browser !

Black clears new figures of villains, rockers and even superheroes

In the masterpiece School of Rock, Jack Black has helped to clear a new figure of the rocker, no longer tied to appearance but only to the burning passion that burns inside. Black can be considered without ifs and buts a champion of the rights of the social movement that goes by the name of body positive. In addition to personally embodying the new rocker figure and silhouette in School of Rockhis character (Dewey Finn) gives a speech in the film that conveys a message of body positivity remarkable. She comes about when she talks to student Tomika (played by then 10-year-old actress Maryam Hassan) to help her battle her fear of going out in front of a crowd and singing her heart out with her beautiful voice. . Tomika fears that others will laugh at her “because (she’s) fat”. Dewey’s words at that point are as follows: “Tomika, hey, you’ve got something that everyone wants. You’re talented, girl. You have an amazing voice, and I’m not just saying that. You’ve heard of Aretha Franklin, haven’t you? Ok, she’s a big woman. But when she starts singing, it drives people crazy. Everyone wants to party with Aretha!”

In April 2021 the aforementioned scene of School of Rock it went viral, spread on social media precisely because of that body positivity message.

Will we ever see a Superman played by Jack Black?

We hope so, at least if the enormous fan base of this actor wishes it (who is deified by many adepts rather than fans, a very large crowd of enthusiasts who consider Jack Black a “new Messiah” of new ways of communicating, both from a stage than on a set).
In early March 2023, the actor and musician posted a video on Instagram in which he poses as Superman Sui generisin the sense that the conical super onesie is no longer filled with the equally iconic super muscles of steel but rather with an irresistible belly of steel, that’s it.
One of the heads of DC Studios, director James Gunn, approved his proposal, commenting on the video in the best possible way: “I thought we decided to keep this news for ComicCon,” he wrote on IG. Is something so absurd really boiling in the pot? Fans would be thrilled, after the disappointment of the farewell to the role of Henry Cavill.
If this were the case, Jack Black would not only be remembered by posterity (and by the posters, very numerous in the rooms of those who listen to real rock) as the one who knocked down the statue of the handsome, muscular and cursed rocker to erect a more convincing and interesting statue of the rock lover characterized by a visceral passion that doesn’t necessarily have to go hand in hand with a physical form on the cover, on the contrary.
A Superman film with a new, unprecedented, innovative and up-to-date superhero (who replaces muscles of steel with less restrictive curves) could benefit everyone, even at the box office.
After all if Super Mario Bros. The Movie is enjoying a crazy success is also due to the presence of Black, who is a King Midas of the seventh art and the seven notes: everything he touches is transformed into gold.

A man capable of influencing young people

In January 2023 the famous American music journalist Caity Babs (one of the most important names of SiriusXM) praised both Jack Black films, School of Rock And Tenacious D and the fate of rock (Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, directed by Liam Lynch, released in 2006) stating that both influenced “the kids who thought they couldn’t be musicians”, allowing them to believe in themselves and chase their dreams. The reporter’s words moved Jack Black enormously, who replied to Babs thus: “This means a lot”. And Kyle Glass joined the chorus, acknowledging that he and his longtime partner “inspired” and “formed young minds “.

You can watch the video clip below Peaches directed by Cole Bennett and produced by Lyrical Lemonade.