Super Mario the Movie: the song Peaches towards the Oscars

The ballad video, shot by Jack Black, was viewed six million times in just a few days

Undisputed king of the box office, the Super Mario film is also dominating the iTunes top 100 with the song Peaches sung by Jack Black, Boswer’s voice actor in the Illumination and Nintendo feature film. The song, a piano-played love song that Mario’s archenemy dedicates to his beloved (and often kidnapped) Princess Peach, was viewed 6 million times in three days. Now Variety reveals that the song has all the requirements to be nominated for the 2024 Oscars for best original song. This would be the definitive consecration for Super Mario Bros. The Movie, which in one week at the box office achieved the best result ever had by any animated film at the cinema in the period of release, beating even Disney blockbusters such as Frozen II. In its debut weekend, the animated feature grossed $377 million worldwide (compared to Frozen II’s $358 million), ranking first in animation history and eighteenth overall. In Italy, the film grossed €2.4 million in its opening weekend.