Superbonus 110, Berlusconi: “Justified and inevitable government intervention”

“The sovereign Parliament will discuss the decree and may make useful changes”

The intervention of the Meloni government on the 110% superbonus is “justified and inevitable”. Silvio Berlusconi, leader of Forza Italia, with a post on Facebook thus expresses himself on the issue that has monopolized the political debate in recent days. “Regarding the question of the Superbonus, which is creating unrest among the categories and has also caused reactions from our parliamentary groups, I would like to remind you that it is a measure adopted by the Conte government, the government of the indistinct bonuses in the rain, subject to continuous modifications and interpretations that have caused a climate of constant uncertainty for the companies concerned”, says Berlusconi.

“My point of view in this regard, as a man of state and economy, – adds the president of Forza Italia – is that the Government’s path to avoid damage to the state budget is justified and perhaps inevitable, which could even lead us to a default situation. Of course, the sovereign Parliament will discuss the decree, and, within the required times, if it deems it appropriate, it will be able to make useful changes”.