Superbonus 110, Conte: “Decree kills our economy”

“Government creates the conditions for an economic and social disaster”

“With this decree the government betrays families and businesses that counted on restructuring and, above all, it kills our economy”. So Giuseppe Conte, M5S leader. “It is creating the conditions for an economic and social disasterbetraying all the commitments made during the electoral campaign”.

“Let’s remember that with the Superbonus we made 6.7% of GDP in 2021, we created 900 thousand jobs, cut 1 million tons of Co2”. “And above all, it is a measure that has been amply repaid with 70% direct contributions to the state coffers. When the government speaks of wicked politics, what does it mean? That the Draghi government has not kept its accounts in order? And therefore it did five decrees, distributing 90 billion to families for extra revenue and shouldn’t it have distributed them to help families and businesses? These are very serious things for which this government must answer to the Italians “.

“It will go down in history as the shame decree” he then says in an interview with Tg3. “Both Meloni and Salvini and all of Forza Italia have made precise commitments to support the Superbonus and now they have waited for the vote to be taken in the regional elections and then, the next day, they turn their backs on families and businesses”. And to those who ask him for a comment on the fact that Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti has defined the Superbonus policy as ‘unholy’, Conte replies: “Their decision to fail in the commitments they made in the electoral campaign of defending the Superbonus”.