Superbonus 110, the torments of Forza Italia: “We need confrontation in the Chamber, the government does not trust”

Prompt motion on assignment of credit. Mazzetti: “We need new intervention on incentives, Fdi remember the center-right program”

On the superbonus issue, “a parliamentary discussion is needed” and the government “must not trust”. The crux of tax incentives for construction agitates the majority and worries Forza Italia, after the stop by the Council of Ministers on the transfer of credits on the superbonus. The ‘surprise’ intervention by the Meloni government displaces the party of Silvio Berlusconi, who is now asking to be able to intervene in the Chamber on the measure.

Speaking to Adnkronos, the blue deputy Erica Mazzetti, a member of the Commission for the Environment, territory and public works and an expert on issues related to construction, says it clearly: “We need a new law that introduces reasoned and studied incentives, we cannot let a fundamental sector of the economy die”, is the appeal launched by the parliamentarian. For Mazzetti, the 110% superbonus, introduced by the Conte II government, was “an excellent measure, because it arrived after 10 years of crisis in the construction sector, but at the same time wicked in terms of times and methods. And today we are all paying the consequences” .

On the part of the M5S “it was crazy to say that everyone could have rebuilt their house for free: today we all pay for this”, insists the exponent of Fi. The executive’s decision to approve the law that blocks the transfer of loans to banks “was a bolt from the blue for many, the construction sector went into a panic”, says Mazzetti. “Like Forza Italia, we immediately met at 2 pm yesterday, together with the group leaders. We understood from the Mef that there was no possibility of modifying the provision and we immediately tried to solve the problem of the assignment of credit, removing joint liability : we got this, thanks to our deputy prime minister Tajani who brought our requests to the CDM”.

“Once yesterday’s shock has passed, we need to be rational and think about how to deal with the next steps”, says Mazzetti, who calls for “a concrete and structural parliamentary debate on the superbonus”. And she warns: “We can only do this if no trust is placed”. Meanwhile, a motion arrives in Parliament, signed by Mazzetti himself, which commits the government to finding solutions on the release of credits and to adopt new measures for the relaunch of energy and seismic efficiency policies for buildings. The motion has been scheduled for February 27th.

“The centre-right promised that it would secure entrepreneurs and citizens who had made important investments. We have been consistent”, remarked Mazzetti to Adnkronos, underlining how this commitment is part of the electoral program of the entire centre-right, “not only of Forza Italia. And Fdi’s allies must remember this. I’m sure – he concludes that no one in the center-right wants to kill the driving sector of the economy. You cannot tell businesses, overnight, ‘set yourself on fire’…”. (Of Antonio Atte)