Superbonus, Bonomi: “Government statements on changes reassure us”

The president of Confindustria: “For cutting wedge possible resources of 40-50 billion”

On Superbonus 110%, ” I believe that the government has made a reflection on the stock of credits, which potentially carries the risk of creating a parallel currency, and therefore has necessarily had to intervene to avoid the risk. The statements made reassure us ”. This was stated by the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomispeaking on the sidelines of the pmi forum.

For Bonomi it is necessary to make ” important interventions for the labor market, first on tax wedge cut”. To put money in the pockets of Italians ” we need to cut taxes ” and ” I believe that in a country that spends over 1,000 billion euros it can reconfigure 4% -5% spending, so it means 40-50 billion, and have the resources to do this surgery ”.

”On credit theme – he continued – a reflection must be made, also because SMEs need to make investments to hook the transitions, and therefore need to resort to credit ”. The credit crunch riskhe underlines, is also given ” by the rise in rates, especially for the policies of the European Central Bank, which is making an understandable run-up on the one hand to raise rates to try to calm inflation, but on the other we do not take into account that ours is imported inflation “.

“Unlike the policies that the Fed is making in America, where there is growth inflation, ours is an inflation that we are importing, the same one due to the increase in energy. If we look at the balance of payments this year, after eleven years, it returns negative for 60 billion and it is almost all due to energy “, he stresses.

The measures in favor of fringe benefit ” do not convince us very much. First, because the number of workers who could take advantage of this facility is very small: the first counts refer to 17% of the number of workers. Secondo does not convince us because the ball moves in the field of companies “, continues the president of Confindustria.

Some activities, according to Bonomi, “will be able to provide it, others partially and others will not be able to because they are not in the conditions, at this moment, to have budget and finance space to be able to pay them”. The solution to put more money in the pockets of workers, according to the president, must come from the executive: ” We ask that the assumption of responsibility be by the government itself: the cut in taxes on labor ”.

Commenting on the measures of the aid decree quater, according to Bonomi contains “positive measures” such as the resources allocated to contain expensive bills and “the intention to keep the bar straight on public finance. ” What we think is missing is a structural intervention on the issues of work ”. In general, according to the president, ” urgencies are those we had been saying for some time, so devote all available resources to expensive bills, have a great eye on public finance and make important interventions on the subject of work, the first is cutting of the tax wedge ”.