Superbonus, Bonomi: “Stop transferring hasty decision, ready to buy credits”

“What is perplexing is not the choice made by the government on the superbonus but what does not convince us is why they should be taken such hasty decisions throwing businesses and families into panic and only then the parties are convened. It wasn’t better to call us first, see what a possible buffer exit was and then make decisions? It was obvious that the government had to intervene otherwise the intervention would have eaten up all the fiscal space and it wasn’t even a political problem since this measure didn’t even belong to this government… And yet now thousands of construction sites risk stopping”. So the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomicomments on the government’s stop to the transfer of credits relating to the Superbonus by closing the meeting of industrialists in Savona.

And from the stage he launches a proposal: “the government creates the conditions for first-degree transfers to be made between private individuals. This could help: companies could buy credits that are currently frozen. It would be an assumption of responsibility by the Italian manufacturing industry “, he adds. A process, the one followed by the government, which Bonomi fears could also be followed for the incentive review to companies that will be examined by the CDM on Thursday. “An examination of a decree without even waiting for the parliamentary commission to complete the investigation that has been under way for some time. At least expect them to conclude it”, he concludes.