Superbonus, Fraccaro: “A million seats? I created them but they throw them away”

The ‘father’ of the superbonus rule: “Giorgetti disavows the instrument defended by the League”

“The centre-right got by with Berlusconi’s promise to create 1 million jobs, I really created them and now they’re canceling them, throwing them away… it’s incredible”. Riccardo Fraccaro, former undersecretary to the presidency of the Council of the two Conte governments, leading exponent of the M5S and ‘father’ of the superbonus rule, says this to Adnkronos, pointing his finger at the latest tightening decided by the government on credit transfers and the invoice discount.

“One can also be against the superbonus, even if I remember that the League was not at all – just sift through their electoral program to have proof – just as Fi and Fdi were not, but what I condemn is bad faith on the part of the Mef above all”, attacks Fraccaro. The Ministry of Economy “remained firm in Draghi, it has not changed at all despite the fact that Meloni sits in Palazzo Chigi, the only one in opposition” of the former number 1 of the ECB, at the time of his government. Giancarlo Giorgetti, in particular, Fraccaro reproaches for evaluating “the measure only on the cost, ignoring the revenues in bad faith, starting from the revenues for the State. If the GDP has increased 7% thanks to the superbonus – reasons Fraccaro -, it means that money has entered the coffers of the state, as well as having earned businesses and workers”.

“We are facing a positive driving force that is not recognized, on the contrary disavowed and dismantled. Giorgetti’s communication silences the revenue part, betraying, through the mouth of his own Economy Minister, one of the promises that the League has made in election campaign. I have always worked to convert the country into a sustainable country, from an environmental point of view but also with a watchful eye on growth. The Meloni government renounces a sustainable future, economic growth, 1 million jobs , to save energy… but keep the bunga bunga”, concludes Fraccaro with a last jab.