Superbonus from 110% to 90%, what Meloni says: latest news of the Aid decree quater

Super bonus 110% “didn’t work” and produced “a 38 billion hole”

The 110% super bonus “didn’t work” and produced a “38 billion hole”, a “market bias” relative to the “cost of materials”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni explained this at a press conference, illustrating the contents of the aid decree quater with the changes that bring the reimbursement to 90%. “The benefit went mainly in favor of medium-high incomes”, remarked Meloni.

“We have chosen to intervene” on the superbonus “to correct some of these distortions”, the bonus therefore “passes to 90%”, while “for those condominiums who have already approved the intervention to date and submit the communication by 25 November of start of works “remains the” 110% regime “. “With these savings we have decided to reopen to single-family homes, as long as it is a first home and medium-low incomes”, pointed out the Prime Minister.

With the aid decree quater “the superbonus discipline is modified”, a measure that “was deservedly born to restart our economy after the pandemic. We have always shared the aims” of the superbonus but its realization “has created many problems” and the benefit “went mainly in favor of medium-high incomes”.

“I would like to point out to those who campaigned by saying that with this tool it was possible to renovate the house ‘for free’, that this ‘free’ weighs on the state coffers for about 60 billion euros”, with “a hole of about 38 billion. And ‘a somewhat bizarre concept of gratuity “.