Superbonus, trust passes to the Chamber: the news

Mef: “Time until 30 September to complete single-family works”

With 185 yes and 121 no, the Chamber approves the trust placed on the law decree ‘Urgent measures on the transfer of credits’, the so-called superbonus decree.

Six more months to complete the work of the 110% superbonus on single-family units. The new term passes, in fact, from 31 March to 30 September 2023, again on condition that at least 30% of the total intervention has been carried out by 30 September 2022”. The Ministry of the Economy illustrates the measure contained in the amendment to the decree law approved by the Chamber.

A further amendment to the same decree-law also establishes that, with reference to the communication for the first assignment of credit for building bonuses (expenditure incurred in 2022 and residual installments of the 2020 and 2021 expenses), the deadline for transmission of which to the Revenue Agency is 31 March 2023, it is possible to make use of the institution of remission in bonis even if the transfer agreement, in favor of banks and financial intermediaries, is concluded after 31 March 2023.