SuperCat Show 2022, there is also the giant Maine Coon

Icheb of Betazed, a 4-year-old adult male, weighs 11 kilos and is about 1 meter long

Icheb of Betazed is an imposing 11-pound Maine Coon, 4-year-old adult male, one of the largest breeds in the world, about 1 meter long, who competed at the 2022 SuperCat Show. “The Maine Coon is the largest cat of all. – explains his breeder – a cat-dog, very affectionate, sweet, cuddly, who loves being with people and hates solitude. Icheb follows me like a dog, room by room, waits for me in the evening when I return, behind the front door, and has also learned to open doors because the Maine Coon cannot bear to be left alone and if a person closes in a room, he stands up, places his front paws on the handle, pulls it down and opens it ”. He is just one of the hundreds of cats with pedigree protagonists of the SuperCat Show at the Nuova Fiera di Roma, an event at the 22nd edition which this year has been a huge success.

Attraction of the two-day event was the aristocratic cat, World Champion, Bette Davis “dei Toltechi” by Cinzia Trentin, 5-year-old female Persian and almost 6 kilos who already won the prestigious title on October 30th. of the World Winner 2022 in Brussels.

Another success was the Flash Mob of the Musical Cats which will debut at the Sistina Theater on 7 December, with the original cast of the “cats” that raged, quietly, almost everywhere, during the SuperCat Show.

Many foundlings adopted at the corner of the Ark onlus ( such as Ciribì, mascot of the SuperCat Show 2022, representing all the abandoned cats: 2 years of age, saved in extremis from a garage, put back in shape, adopted “happily” and then rejected because her new and short owner left for Australia.

“This year a record edition is confirmed, every time we surpass each other with really wonderful cats and super champions – comments the organizer Gianluca Guarino satisfied – and we are happy to bring so much positivity even to the less fortunate cats who are adopted here by us. , demonstrating the social character of the event, which has always been between vanity and solidarity “.