Supercomputers and AI, Nvidia strengthens presence in India

The American chip manufacturer has entered into a partnership with two Indian giants, Tata Group and Reliance Industries

Chipmaker Nvidia has partnered with two Indian giants, Tata Group and Reliance Industries, to develop language models for artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure and generative services, aimed at both businesses and consumers. Nvidia and Tata Group announced that the agreement involves the creation of an AI cloud in India, along with the creation of generative AI applications and a next-generation supercomputer. Furthermore, the companies highlighted that this collaboration will catalyze an AI-driven transformation within Tata Group companies. In the case of the deal between Nvidia and Reliance Industries, the creation of a supercomputer is expected, along with the implementation of cutting-edge cloud platforms. Reliance Industries’ telecom arm Jio will lead the project by developing innovative tools to provide a wide range of services and applications. Furthermore, AI infrastructure will be made available to scientists, developers and startups, hosted in highly compatible data centers. Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia, independently predicted that India will become one of the largest AI markets in the world. During a recent visit to India, Huang also had the opportunity to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to further consolidate these important AI agreements. He highlighted the high level of computing skills present in India, noting that the country has the talent and ability to compete with Nvidia’s expertise in building world-class supercomputers.