Superenalotto, winning combination numbers today 27 January 2024

No ‘6’ nor ‘5+1’, jackpot rises to 53 million euros

The hunt for the 6 and the jackpot continues in the last draw of the Superenalotto week, with the combination relating to today’s competition, Saturday 27 January 2024. No ‘6’ nor ‘5+1’ was made in today’s competition. The estimated jackpot for the next competition available for ‘6’ points is 53 million euros.

The price of the ticket, how much it costs to play

The minimum ticket in the SuperEnalotto competition includes 1 column (1 combination of 6 numbers). The maximum bet, however, includes 27,132 columns and can be implemented with carat systems, in which single odds are available for 5 euros, with the participation of a large number of players who are entitled to a share of any winnings. On each ticket, each combination costs 1 euro. The option to add the Superstar number costs 0.50 cents.

The minimum bet on the ticket is 1 column which with Superstar therefore costs 1.5 euros. If you play multiple columns, simply multiply the number of columns by 1.5 to find out how much the game costs overall.

How many points do you win with?

At SuperEnalotto you win with scores from 2 to 6, including 5+. The size of the prizes is also linked to the overall jackpot. In general:

– with 2 numbers guessed, you win approximately 5 euros;

– with 3 numbers guessed, you win approximately 25 euros;

– with 4 numbers guessed, you win approximately 300 euros;

– with 5 numbers guessed, you win approximately 32 thousand euros;

– with 5 numbers guessed + 1 you win approximately 620 thousand euros.

How do I know if I won

It is possible to check any winnings through the SuperEnalotto App. To check any slips played in the past and not verified, an archive with the numbers and prizes of the last 30 draws is available online.

Today’s winning combination

The winning combination of today’s SuperEnalotto, Saturday 27 January 2024. The numbers: 17, 33, 38, 43, 49, 80 Jolly number 69 and SuperStar 30.