Supermarket prices increase, +15.6% in March

The monthly analysis by NielsenIQ photographs “The state of FMCG in Italy”, a positive trend for turnover at 9 billion +10%

In March, distribution in Italy continued with a positive trend in turnover, recording revenues of 9 billion euros in total Omnichannel, up +10% compared to last year’s performance. Photographing the trend of large-scale retail trade in our country is NielsenIQ in “The state of FMCG in Italy”, the monthly analysis relating to the trend in consumption and the purchasing habits of Italian families.

The theoretical inflation index in the large-scale packaged consumption (Lcc), ie the market sector that includes all primary consumer goods and packaged industrial products, was 15.6% in March. The real change in prices, net of a 0.9% reduction in the shopping cart mix, stands at 14.7%. In March, all distribution channels reported a positive trend compared to the same period of 2022. Specifically, the growth was led by Drug Specialists (+15.2%), followed by Supermarkets (+10.7%), Self-Services (+10 .5%), Superstores (+9.6%), Discount Stores (+9.1%) and Hyperstores>4,500m2 (+8.6%).

The NielsenIQ research also shows that the promotional incidence (for Italy as a whole) in the past month is equal to 23.4%, up by 0.3 percentage points compared to the same period of 2022. Finally, the purchase of products private label (Mdd) in March stood at 22.4% of the Lcc in the hypermarket, supermarket and free services perimeter while it was 30.9% in Total Italy Omnichannel – including Discounts.