Supplier Award 2021, Pirelli rewards the best suppliers

For an increasingly sustainable chain with lower CO2 emissions, quality, innovation, speed and global presence

In collaboration with Pirelli

Attention to the environment through an increasingly sustainable supply chain with lower CO2 emissions, high quality, innovation, speed and global presence. These are the main elements that have guided the assignment of the 2021 Supplier Awards, the recognition that Pirelli assigns each year to 9 of the more than 14,000 suppliers in its global chain. The Supplier Awards reward companies that have distinguished themselves in making the Pirelli supply chain even more sustainable, innovative and of excellent quality.

“The last two years have clearly shown how the role of suppliers is important for the success of each company’s business – comments Marco Tronchetti Provera, vice president and CEO of Pirelli – The sharing of an approach focused on quality, speed, transparency, commitment to continuous and sustainable innovation has allowed us to remain competitive also in this particular period. This is why we wanted to reward the companies that share these values ​​with Pirelli, becoming real Pirelli partners ”.

Pirelli’s strategy was also reiterated to suppliers, which envisages a roadmap for growth in the use of innovative materials derived from renewable or recycled sources, in order to achieve the objectives of the Group’s industrial plan which provides for: by 2025 the use for specific 40% higher renewable materials product lines; of recycled materials greater than 3% and the use of fossil-derived materials less than 40%. By 2030, the use of renewable materials is expected to exceed 60%; of recycled materials greater than 7% and materials of fossil origin less than 30%.

Another important element for the sustainability of Pirelli’s supply chain is represented by the decarbonisation process to which Pirelli’s partners are asked to contribute, in order to reduce CO2 emissions by 9% in 2025 compared to the 2018 figure. maximum attention is also paid to respect for human and labor rights, all elements taken into consideration in the assignment of the specific sustainability award. The 9 suppliers of raw materials, services and machinery that have distinguished themselves in the last year were awarded by Marco Tronchetti Provera and Chief Procurement Officer Andrea Maganzani, during a ceremony at the Pirelli headquarters in Milan.

These are the companies awarded in the 2021 edition of the Pirelli Supplier Award. Thai Eastern Group Holdings Co (Thailand), supplier of natural rubber, was awarded the Sustainability award, for having collaborated in the production of the first tire with natural rubber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (Fsc), as well as for its commitment to reducing emissions of CO2 and the use of electricity produced from renewable sources. Quechen Silicon Chemical (China), a silica supplier, was awarded in the Quality category.

Glanzstoff Sicrem (Italy), supplier of textile reinforcements, was awarded in the Service Level category for having contributed with FSC certified rayon to the production of the first Forest Stewardship Council certified tire. Synthos (Poland), supplier of synthetic rubber, receives the award for the Performance criteria. Asahi Kasei Corporation (Japan), supplier of synthetic rubber, for the Innovation criteria. Himile Science & Technology Co (China), mold supplier and machinery manufacturer, for Innovation. Dsv Solutions (Italy), international logistics partner, was awarded for Service level; Deloitte Consulting (Italy), consulting for digital transformation, awarded in the Innovation section. Grupo Drivers (Mexico), transport services, awarded for the Service Level criteria.