Surfers missing after storm, found alive after 38 hours on board – Video

Found floating off the westernmost islands of Indonesia

After 38 hours at sea, the Australian surfers who were reported missing after a storm in a remote Indonesian area have been found alive. Three of them were found floating on their boards from one of the boats involved in rescue and recovery operations. A fourth Australian surfer was later recovered. Two Indonesian crew members were also found safely, but one is still missing at sea.

The group, which had arrived in Sumatra to celebrate the thirtieth birthday of one of them, had left Sunday evening from Nias, a popular surf spot, headed for the island of Pinang, but were surprised by bad weather during the crossing and their boat has disappeared. Another boat of the group had instead managed to reach the island, thus raising the alarm. Elliot Foote, his girlfriend Steph Weiss, and friends Jordan Short and Will Teagle remained at the mercy of the ocean for at least 38 hours but, in the end, their story had a happy ending.